Not Kidding About Pheromones

I’m not kidding; because every man deep down wants a happy woman; a woman who radiates energy and feels attractive. He wants to have his woman happy, because it is a reminder that he is a good provider. So – right now, make a decision: Do you want to grow long, healthy hair with real pheromones?

 Or do you just want short or medium length healthy hair? Make a goal. For me, three and a half years ago, I got SO TIRED of going to hairdressers who insisted on creating nice ‘styles’ in my hair that really were just a way for them to feel like successful hairdressers. My hair was constantly kept at shoulder length when deep down, I’d always wanted waist length hair. So I promised myself to grow it out and to not visit a hairdresser for a year to more pheromones.

Take advantage of periods where you don’t have social engagements to let your hair get oily and to condition itself. 3) Focus on the HEALTH of your hair first and foremost, NOT the style of your hair. The style you want comes AFTER your pheromones. Learn more at and

This is one reason why confidence is a MUST, not a SHOULD, in your life. When you present yourself with confidence, and when you show up as a confident woman over and over again in your love life, it's much easier for men to conclude, in their own minds, that YOU are the best. Not any other woman. Because you are actively presenting yourself as the best pheromones.

 I really hate the thought of you going through life, experiencing the suffering that comes with "accepting" that you are not "the best". When you do this, you accept a lot LESS than you truly desire to have in life. Because you subconsciously don't believe you are worthy of the best. Or even worse: a lot of men and women out there right now have to live with the subconscious knowledge that they were chosen by their significant other because their significant other felt that they could not get any better than them. I hear about this a lot, and it pains me to know people are going through this pheromone. Learn more at

What could be worse? So, if you are confident, you are far less likely to attract a man who has chosen you because HE felt he couldn't get any better. Because you would already show up as the best. And, here's an insight about men: on a purely biological level, men feel that women have all the sexual power. Men, in general, have a lot less sexual opportunities than women. Men produce 300 million sperm every day! Sperm is cheap. Women release one egg per month. Eggs (females) are far more expensive than males. Learn more at


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