Nice pheromones

I have a question...I was just over there and this girl comes up and looks at me, then she just says, “Nice pheromones.”

Basically you were just minding your own business and a girl came up to you implying that you’re desirable to girls.

At this point the girl you’re talking to may not be all that interested or it might not click that a girl just came up to you and said what she said.

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You point out that as a guy you’re aware of the cheesy pickup line equating nice shoes to wanting to sleep with the person who adores human pheromones.

Since this is a reversal [and out of character for most women] it forces her to believe that you’re so desirable that random women come up to you and say they want to sleep with your true pheromones.

It also establishes you understand encoded speech. Both of which increase the level of attraction she feels toward you.

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You’re giving her a chance to put down the other woman as creepy and allowing her to show her attraction for you at the same time.

She’ll insist women aren’t that forward [vocally] because only a woman who’s extremely attracted to a man will vocalize the desire to sleep with him.

Meanwhile she’ll show nonverbal signs that are just as forward in her desire to win you over this other woman with pheromones.

8. Situational Tease:

You see a woman with a large purse walk by another guy on the street.

You: “You almost took that guy outwith your gigantic purse! I’m going to have to look out for you. What do you have in there anyway? A litter of puppies?”

Why It Works: It’s basically a situational opener taken to absurd lengths. This makes it humorous.

If she tries to argue with you [a sign that she’s working for your approval] it gives you the opportunity to keep making the situation more and more absurd.

Your willingness to tease her creates attraction pheromones.

However, make it only about an accessory, her clothing, or a prop she’s carrying and never directly about something she cannot change like having a clown’s shoes [because she has large feet].

9. Observational Complement:

You: “It’s really adorable how you [Whatever she’s doing that’s adorable].”

Why It Works:

This opener is similar to the curiosity opener, but it’s much shorter and it’s based on something she is doing at the time.

For example you might say, “It’s really adorable how you take those tiny bites when you’re eating your sandwich.”

The reason this works is because it’s more specific than just walking up and telling her you think she’s attractive.

10. The Give and Go:

Quick Tip: This is an example you can use as a group by substituting I with we. The term home girl can be replaced with girl-next-door depending on the type of girl. The term home girl implies she’s a cool friend, but not someone you necessarily find attractive.

You: “Hey, I’m out meeting women and I knew I could ask you for have a real home girl vibe going on...Help me pick out a girl to go talk to.”


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