Make Good With Pheromones

With pheromones you can make better, make higher value friends who care about you, and start nurturing your own friendship circle. You’ll find that, since most people aren’t thinking ahead as much as they really should, you may have to take more initiative to START new friendships.

Most people make some friends and stick with them, and then when they’re older (50 +), they end up lonely and without anyone to spend their time with. Especially when their long-term partner passes away. Then they can become a drain to be around. They haven’t grown enough to keep alert and full of energy so that they have value to add. They’ve just accepted aging as an inevitable “decline”.

Of course, there are always people who really do demand a lot from themselves and are genuinely spiritual, caring and compassionate people. Yet, a lot of people are just fake spiritual. There’s a term that’s circulated that describes people like this. it’s called a “spiritual snob”. People start to think they KNOW IT ALL. That is fake spiritual. And it’s not what makes you a spiritual human being who truly has spiritual value. Spirituality certainly isn’t about bragging to others how “spiritual” you are, in fact, if you’re truly spiritual advanced, you would have no need to brag to anyone. People use the excuse of spirituality to make themselves feel significant, (feel “good enough”). However - spirituality has nothing to do with  significance, but rather connection, growth and contribution. Let’s for a moment, erase the image of a Buddhist monk wearing a loin cloth meditating as the idea of ultimate spirituality. And instead, think about individuals like mother Teresa, who helped thousands of people on their death beds as a symbol of spirituality. Learn more at and

Think about individuals who volunteer and help out the homeless, the sick, the disadvantaged (and who don’t use it too look down on others who don’t) as a symbol of spirituality. Think about men who run into burning down buildings to save the lives of strangers as a symbol of spirituality. To me, spirituality is about connecting with people, not about silence, isolation and meditation. Learn more at

Spirituality is your ability to get out of your own self, (embody more than just your ego), and really give value to your immediate family, the people around you, and eventually the whole world. It’s about giving, not seeing what you can get back, but giving because it lights you up that you have such a unique gift to give. I’m here to tell you that you have a unique gift to give to your relationship, your family and also the world. A unique gift that no one else possesses. No one else has ever tried to make a change like the one you are about to make in your relationship, your family and the world. You have the unique gift to do so. (If someone had made the change you’re about to make, then it wouldn’t be called “make a change”, it would be called “keep the sameness”).


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