Looking for sex pheromones

After you spot the girl who’s looking to go home with you there are two approaches to make this a reality of natural pheromones.

The first approach: Have good logistics and good timing.
When all of her other friends have a guy and she doesn’t have one. She doesn’t want to be left out. Typically this happens later in the night.
Other times it’s near the end of the night and the guy she really wanted has just rejected her. She’ll want to prove herself and is thus more willing to go home with a guy in these situations. The second approach: Making her see you as an attractive guy pheromone.

Physically touch more to increase her arousal and admire her for something she’s self-conscious about [showing you’re nonjudgmental] will close the deal pheromones.

Whatever part of herself she’s self-conscious about she’ll attempt to hide with clothing or by holding her arms across that area of her body of natural pheromones. Learn more at http://herenciasenespana.com/rules-on-pheromone-seduction.html/

Other times she’ll avoid saying certain words because she dislikes the way her voice sounds when she says those words.

When in doubt just ask and then reassure.

Warning: If you don’t meet her minimum requirements [yet] you can approach her and attract her normally with pheromones.

However, if you already meet her requirements and you attempt to get her attracted to you she will start to question her judgment.

You’ve just convinced her not to go home with you.
She is already ready to go so why are you trying to talk her into it?
Quick Tip: There will be very few times a woman’s looking for sex during the day.
Before you decide that you’re just going to build your game around finding and bedding these women

remember this: Just because she’s looking for sex doesn’t necessarily mean her minimal standards are obtainable.

When you aren’t very experienced in looking for the signs you may confuse over sexualized attention seeking behavior with genuine desire.

So, if you can’t tell the difference you’re busy wasting time fueling her ego and not having sex.


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