’ll touch on later using sex pheromones

The pheromones saying jokes or things that might not be easily understood via text or that can be taken the wrong way. Remember she doesn’t know you yet. For example sarcasm or self- deprecating humor can be hard to understand via text. 3. Closed statements that leave her with nothing to easily respond to unless it’s giving value which I’ll touch on later using sex pheromones.

Too many emojis or characters use pheromone scents. An emoji is those smiley faces, animated animals, or food symbols people use when texting. You can use them, but if you do all of the time, it comes across as trying too hard especially when a girl doesn’t know you yet. It comes off as childish, so save it for when you get to know her better or use them rarely. A good emoji here and there can elicit positive emotions but too many and you overdose. 5. Long paragraph texts. Learn more at http://www.villegouge.com/human-pheromone-predictability/ and http://www.cookconferencecenter.org/your-pheromone-thoughts/

It just shows too much emphasis and thought was put into the text. It comes across as needy and you just met… so relax. This is kind of an old school rule of thumb, but keep your text length equivalent or less than her text length. Once you find your own groove, do whatever you want, but until then, stick to that. Or even sending multiple texts without her responding. Give her a chance to respond just like you would in a normal conversation. 6. Texting late at night or early in the morning. Generally texting between 12 a.m. -12 p.m. yields a lower response rate. Flip the script and imagine a girl you just met texting you at 4:30 a.m. or 7 a.m. I would think this is a low value girl who doesn’t have much going on in her life and really values me highly even though we just met. Keep in mind those times are for girls you just met or if you’re in the early dating stages, so once you start dating and get into a relationship do what you want. Also going 3+ days without responding back to her because you’re busy can kill the number of human sex pheromones. Learn more at http://acs2013.com/2017/02/28/for-more-human-pheromones/ and http://burkepaintingco.com/2016/10/17/using-unscented-pheromones-that-dont-attract-women/

Or if everything was going well but you didn’t push for logistics and set up a date then the connection will slowly die down. If she’s responding positively to you, then you need to assume she would like to see you again, but remember the weight is on your shoulders to make that happen. Women will not be asking you out for the first date; that is your job. She’ll move on because she thinks you already moved on from her, which may not have been the case, so don’t forget to respond even if you don’t know what to say. The goal is to reduce the amount of friction by having solid interactions and only giving her value texts and not giving her a reason to not respond. As we all know, once she stops responding to a few of your texts, then it becomes more consistent and she’ll eventually stop responding to them altogether. Dead number!


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