Learning More About Pheromones

Then the student said, “Oh yeah, who do you think pheromones attract more, men or women?” The hired gun responded very nicely, and said, 'Men.” The student replied, “Oh you're one of those girls,” and then the hired gun hooked. She said to him, “What do you mean one of them?” He just laughed and we left the store. Learn more at http://iphs2010.org/i-have-to-drop-my-pheromone-studies/

The point of the lecture on human pheromones was only to open and he did a fantastic job. We walked to another store and the other student would not open, so I walked over and told him, “Hey man, you should ask her,” and then he opened her. This continued roughly 4 times before they began opening on their own. Learn more at http://techvalleyny.org/the-pheromone-attraction-was-%ef%ac%82at/

At the end of the session, both guys had opened numerous sets and thanked me for being a great coach. I told them that watching and helping them also helped me. We al l made it back to Celcius and Arash brought 3 of his girls for an exercise in pheromone attraction. We took our seats and he brought his girls out and the looks on the student’s faces were priceless. I'm sure mine was the same when I attended. He explained that there would be 3 stations and each student would go to each and tell a DHV story. He would observe body language, tonality, and rule #1. No Touching.

It was a bit of a relief to watch others but at the same time I was learning just as they were. After an hour of watching an d seeing and hearing about corrections, I applied everything to myself as well. The girls left and Arash brought his other girl that was a dance instructor. They all went throughout the same dance observation and guys signed up for lessons. Arash delivered a powerful lecture on frame control and after Beast, Eugene, and Serano ended the night on the concept and rules of winging. How to be a proper wingman. That night, we decided to go to Santana Row, and there were women everywhere. We arrived at the front door and Eugene forgot his I.D. Serano, me, and the students, went inside. The guy comes in and says, “She's a great fucking cook bro, and a good damn woman.” I laughed and said, “I could probably teach her a thing or two in the kitchen.” He said, “Oh shit, sounds like a challenge.” We all laughed and continued having a great time.

Arash said, “We'll let’s get started once Aukeyto is done telling everyone good morning.” We all laughed, and I took my seat.  If she was rude saying, “Fuck you asshole.” The student would simply respond, “Pleasure meeting you” and walk away. We also did this exercise when I attended as well. Most guys would break frame and become offended or hurt. This was a key exercise to help one learn better calibration. Afterwards we broke into groups and went over the attraction phas e A1, A2, and A3. We were headed to Valley Fair Mall for lunch and infield training and this time, I was now on the coach’s end.


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