Kissing and Making Out with Pheromones

Sexual touch involves touching her erogenous zones. The inside of her thigh, a kiss on her neck, and so on are touches in this pheromone category. Learn more at

Kissing and Making Out:

The seduction material is split on public displays of affection.

In my personal experience kissing is sometimes useful for making other women jealous, but can cause her to withhold more when you finally get her back to your place.

She doesn’t want to appear easy so she stops herself from sleeping with you because she made out with you back at the club in front of her friends.

Remember: If you’re planning on sleeping with her somewhere in the Venue or around the Venue then most of this advice can be disregarded his true pheromones.

Be nonjudgmental, appeal to her adventurous side, and get her emotionally as well as physically worked up and you’ll be amazed at the things she’s willing to do. Learn more at

Taking Her to Your Place:

Getting her back to your place is all about logistics. You must also provide some sort of pretense for her to go back to your place. Just saying you should go back to your place to have sex is too direct.

So, maybe you play guitar and you want to play her a song or maybe you have fimny videos to show her on your computer? Learn about sexual immersion.

Whatever your hobbies or interests are make for a good pretense.

In the old days a guy or girl would invite someone in for a nightcap or a cup of coffee. It’s the same thing - code.

Powerful Foreplay with powerful pheromones:

A question guys want to know is how to smoothly find out if the girl they have in their bed is open to, and how to initiate, oral sex.

Asking bluntly is awkward, and requesting a Presidential Special is humorous, but it might ruin the mood with the best pheromones.

Instead place your hands on her face while you’re kissing her and slowly pull away. At the same time slide your thumb or finger toward her mouth.
Press gently on her lips to see if she’ll take your finger into her mouth and suck on it. If she does she’s willing to perform oral sex.

And now she knows to perform it on you when things get to that point.

Setting up the 3-Way

Maybe this is just my experience, but I’ve noticed every time I have been part of or had the opportunity to be part of a Menage a trois one of the girls was very attractive and the other was just okay looking.

In all of the cases, except for one [a married couple with a cuckold fetish], the girls were friends already.

So perhaps I’m not the best person to ask when it comes to setting this up on a regular basis, but I’ll share what I know with you.

This seems to happen a fair amount at going away parties where you won’t have to see the girls again.

Maybe they haven’t had the chance to get all the partying out of their system yet or are simply curious?

Who knows? You’re just there to help them out.


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