It is mostly direct pheromones.

About Absolute Alpha Male:

Often you hear the term alpha male, but few understand what this means to humans. The term pops up over and over in the seduction material, yet there are very few examples or explanations of what it means to be alpha male pheromones.

Usually guys think it means not taking any crap from other guys, putting guys in their place, being territorial, running the show, and all around being ready to fight if someone challenges them Here’s the thing, you aren’t a gorilla in the forest of pheromones.

As a member of society you can’t operate within the bounds of that society by applying the law of the wild.

Who’s Alpha? Maybe Gibbs from NCIS comes to mind with his calm almost fatherly leadership. Or Hank Moody who’s the cool, “just say yes” guy, who does what he wants when he wants.

Maybe when you think alpha male you think of 30 Rock’ s Jack Donaghy with his put together look and the answer in every situation of pheromones. Learn more at and

Or Justified’s Raylan Givens who’s relaxed, yet firm Even the violent and disturbed Tony Soprano fits the bill. Certainly the cross section of the alpha male allows many men fit into this category.

But regardless of how an alpha male is defined or what personality he embodies the common thread, which runs through them all is

Alphas are assertive and they set boundaries.

What you can take from this is you want to assert yourself in a balanced way so that you give her a sense of your self-assuredness where she can feel protected, yet at the same time have toned down

enough conversation that you aren’t seen as a socially maladjusted asshole.

As for my system it consists mostly of direct and natural game with sections of indirect game for reoccurring elements.

It also focuses on speed and an overall fun vibe - an instantaneous connection with true pheromones.

She Won’t necessarily understand it consciously so she rationalizes it must be fate. And as We all know when a Woman takes that in and internalizes it the approach becomes part of her belief system

The Direct Natural Pheromones:

What’s direct game? What’s natural game?

Direct Game Pheromones:

Direct game is a style where you approach a woman in a direct way making your intentions known fiom the outset.

When this style is applied correctly it makes you appear bold and opens you up to rejection, which Women find attractive.

It’s a powerfiil and a more authentic approach than indirect game.

One of the main reasons the direct approach is popular is because it allows you to not Waste time on Women who are not interested in you.

An example of a direct approach would be: “Hey, I saw you from over there and I thought you were cute. So, I knew I just had to come talk to you. Hi, I’m [your name]. What’s your name?”

Certainly this isn’t the best way to approach directly, but it’s a decent enough way to approach to get the job done.

Natural Game Pheromones:

Natural game is a style that appears to be more natural in its delivery much like an everyday conversation.

It’s more dependent on improvising and creating a fun vibe through teasing, commonalities, emotional connection, and banter.

Essentially it is the opposite of a system that relies heavily on the use of scripted material and a rigid structure like the Mystery Method.

So, basically the direct natural is an everyday style that makes you appear like a regular, albeit incredibly interesting, guy.

Direct vs. Indirect Pheromones:

In the past there was a long debate on whether the direct style [showing interest immediately] or indirect style [getting her talking and attracted before showing your interest] was better.

This is a huge waste of time.

The short answer is it isn’t a question of either style being the best. Both approaches need to be applied in the same approach to a various degree to have the best chance of success.

When should you be direct or indirect? Approach directly: When a woman is giving you feedback and seems to be already interested in you. Approach indirectly: When she is harder to read and seems less interested.

The Absolute Alpha Male approach uses the same conversational opener, transitions, and most commonly reoccurring sections as a typical seduction.

It is mostly direct pheromones.


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