If She Ignores My Pheromones

If she ignores my pheromones it’s no big deal. I just spot another girl that I am interested in somewhere else and try again.

If she dances up to me I’m going to slightly bend my knee of the leg closest to her, which places my weight on that leg.

While at the same time I grab her by the hips and pull her towards me.

I limit my movement since I can’t dance, but I’ll still move with her enough to give the impression we’re dancing.

With my hands on her hips I can control the direction she moves as she grinds on my outstretched thigh [avoiding hip-to-hip contact and the accidental erection]. Pheromones make me more aroused.

If she’s really going nuts I can step around with my other leg for balance. Depending on how things are going I may start kissing her neck as she dance-rubs against my leg.

Although, here’s why I’m not a fan of dance floor game - Even though moments ago she was just trying to get herself off on my thigh, when the dance is over she may not be interested in finding a dark corner/bathroom to finish things so to speak. Learn more at http://shelaghwatkins.co.uk/trust-your-pheromones/ and http://3ody.com/on-sex-pheromones/

To her it was fi1n...yeah.

Well, what was just fun to her might throw you off of your game and cause you to be too direct for the rest of the night. with fun pheromones

Passing Her Pheromone Tests:

So you want to know all the tests she can possibly throw at you to get you to prove you are this confident guy you say you are?

Well, you are out of luck.
There’s no need to fill your head with a million potential tests.
It’ s counterproductive.
Besides most tests can be passed in one of a few ways.
The test isn’t important, just that you pass.
Why does she test?
A girl will test you when she thinks you have potential.
So, you know she’s already interested.
That’s the good news.
However, if you fail enough of her tests she’ll walk away even if she is attracted to you.

It sucks and it isn’t fair, but this is the way things go when you’re compressing several days worth of getting to know her into a few short minutes. Learn more at http://www.starlightsound2004.com/pheromones-feeling/ and http://www.hanko9.com/pheromone-females-are-designed/

So, how do you pass her tests? 1. Ignore: The best way to pass most of her tests is to ignore them They are beneath you and she’ s silly for even trying to test your natural pheromones state.

This approach is good for all those tests you are going to miss. And believe me you are going to miss loads of them

2. Dismiss: The next way to pass her tests is to show her you recognize her test, but choose to ignore it.

Use your Anyway...[subject change] transition here while looking at her then looking away. This is a good approach for tests that are incredibly obvious.


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