I have been using human pheromones to confuse them

I have been using human pheromones to confuse them, on the game we are playing. That’s what your deal is.  Ok. We gonna worry about the other stuff. Can I ask a question about pheromones? Ok Go on.  Yeah like about an hour into the call, you started to talk about, and I don’t know if you finished talking about it, because you talked about the most important obstacles are the ones that don't exist in reality and they only exist in your mind and when you start modifying your game to the obstacles that only exist in your mind. Learn more at http://www.e-souya.org/you-can-have-fun-with-pheromones

Pheromones are probably my biggest problem and I want to talk a littl e more about it and I am a pheromone user by the way. Yeah you know that's a lot wh en a lot of too. ls are new on force twenty one No I was on the next level. Learn more at http://bellisimahandbags.com/forever-to-use-natural-pheromones/

Can I ask another human pheromones question? Sure Well this is going to be my second one I don' t know if someone else who was listening may probably wanna ask their first one. ok, does anybody else wanna jump in? Ok, go ahead. I'm just wondering what do you use to get playful in a really bad situation like day game. You know going like the grocery store in a way like , just going like, you know … just going to like keep pumping up I guess like a mood when you're out in the board room set after set, like does that , I mean just like a desire repulsion drill really lik e works that best(??) or now I guess you can just throw it on whenever and just be instantly like down to go with more pheromones.

Yeah , now I don't have a pick up state or anything. Basically for me … I basically just integrate it into what I do , so you know if I am out, I could be doing anything, I can just start it up. And … do it right t hen , I'm a little bit different and I do a lot of experiments. You know so , but yeah I mean the desire repulsion could be there, if you could capture the sense of playfulness of sexy pheromones.

Man you know what , a girl would actually probably rather meet , somebody at the bookstore or at the grocery store or coffee shop or in a bar . Really they would. Even if they' re going to have short time frame sex . like they are gonna meet there and then they are going to go out later that night and have sex pheromones . They probably have to do it, there. You know, just because of all the , you know normal conversation associate in bars and clubs. So you actually have that working for you in some ways . T he other way is that, you know a lot of girls don 't go to the grocery store drunk . So, you know, you got that to take care of well. But, good verbal skills will take your sexual framing and game dynamics skills will take you very far.


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