I have been studying pheromone attraction

I have been studying pheromone attraction for a long time. First and foremost, I'd like to give the proper respects and thanks to Arash Dibazar, my teacher and mentor, whom which I consider to be called, “Pherazone,” because that's what was given to me. For that reason, and for these powerful teachings, I am forever indebted. I thank you greatly.

To Arash’s teacher and mentor, the pheromone research group, The late, Great Manu Tupou. Through Arash, I have received these powerful teachings and in honor I thank you. To a specific extraordin ary individual, a Social Scientist, a brilliant mind, by the name of Mystery Pheromones.

The genius, that created, codified and shared with the world, the Art and Science of Attracting beautiful women. For your brilliance, many years of dedication, and efforts in cha nging the culture when hope was lost, on behalf of mankind, I thank you. To all of the Masters and High Level Players, Matador, Hypnotica, LoveDrop, Neil Strauss, and so many others, each of you have been a great influence, and have dramatically impacted the evolution of the Pickup Arts. I thank you for your contribution. Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/pheromone-interaction and http://www.i-journal.org.uk/?p=504

To my son Amari, you have given me the strength to travel this journey and to never give up when times became difficult. I confronted my most inner fears of pain and rejection, so that I could instill in you, the ingredients to have the right to your own life and freedom of choice. With these teachings I pass on to you to carry on our legacy of True Alpha Males, and to honor our lineage and family tree. Son I love you and I thank you. To my Seductive Instinct team and IMC Academy friends, I thank you for the support, and encouragement in knowing that, “It’s All In a State of Mind.” Much love and I thank you all. Lastly, for all the people in the chapters of my life who have betrayed me, disappointed me, and crushed me, I thank you for the lessons. Without the pain, in essence, my ambition would not have the most powerful pheromone cologne.

I was back in the interaction of true pheromones. She said, “We're going to be leaving soon,” so I told her that we were headed to a party in the Hills and welcome to bring friends. She said cool, and numbers exchanged.

I said, “How do you guys know each other?” She said, they were friends and previously had worked together. Ben walked up and I introduced him into the set. He began talking to her friend, and I interrupted them. “Hey, I'm going to borrow your friend for a movement, she'll be right over here.” It was less than 10 feet away. I knew I had to move her in order to get into comfort.

Arash walked over and began to watch. Nervousness kicked in again but this time I was not a wreck. I was having a great time. My target said she would be back and Arash said to me, “Hey bro, when she comes back, lightly graze your hand across her forehead, down the side of her cheek while moving her hair out of her face.” This was a technique I remember Mystery teaching on ho w to kiss close.


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