I bought Pherazone from Pherazone1.com

I bought Pherazone  from Pherazone1.com after seeing this thread.

I actually did a lot of research a few years ago on the theory of how pheromones affect a person, but I was never motivated to test it. Our biology books in high school also told us stuff about pheromones that were really interesting. It was actually biology homework we had to study.

That is actually the only reason I thought of buying, since his tips works, I might as just well try. Pheromones actually work and it does change the psychological state of people. I even use pheromones when in college, the social pheromones help me listen more.

A young French girl wandered past me, London guide book in hand and snapping pictures of the lions with a camera she wore around her neck. She had masses of light brown curls on her head, kind of like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons. This style has forever entered the daygame lexicon as ”wop hair". Her eyes were big and dark brown, wide-open to drink in the novel su rrou ndings. She was slim and dressed very cute with a blue denim jacket and blue jeans and a colourful scarf.

Today i was in public transport. Walk by a hot girl that is sitting and she kinda turns around to see where i am going. Later a second woman sits right down next to me. Later another hot young woman went by me... and sat basically to the nearest seat that was still there. She kinda looked back a few times. If i had bought and used pheromones i would be totally sold after this incident.

And if i would have taken it, my whole brain would focus on producing evidence that it works - that's just normal. Learn more at http://www.jlltda.com/pheromones-attractants-2015/

Anyway, there is no 'research' in this thread (more like 'internet search' or anecdotal personal experience). Smells can be very powerful. You can even use sunscreen, and the smell of crayons to trigger regression in people. I haven't really researched pheromones, but after hearing about some recent results, it seems worthy of investigation. Learn about pheromone behavior and more at http://shieldsvmoakciurs.page.tl/Something-called-Sexual-Pheromones.htm

There are psychological changes when one uses pheromones. I've had firsthand knowledge to say that people do act differently when you wear pheromones. Sometimes I use them around my friends just to see how they act. Of course, I know my friends the most, so I know them the most. Its just that when a person gets energetic and talkative out of nowhere without any outside trigger (other than the proximity of pheromones) makes me almost definite that pheromones work.

I just bought a product that includes copulins, it raises the males testosterone level by 150% and I use it for my workouts. It gives a sub-conscious social preselection for the person with copulins because only women can secrete copulins and it gives them the signal that women has had sex with you. It can also drive women away if you wear too much because it may give them a player vibe (it tells them that you probably screw around too many women and are not serious in long-term monogamous relationship). If you're in a relationship, the women you're with may subconsciously get angry and not understand why. It also is naturally secreted by women during their ovulation stage to mind control males.

Ok so have been playing with XIST spray since July.

I do not know if it is a placebo, but I am now much more happier after XIST even if I don't wear it (I think it has a residual effect even if they state the sprays effect only last 6-8 hours). Women start to walk up to me automatically (That is when I wear XIST. They are even starting to do it now post XIST usage. They never did it before.). They will also leave the other company of men to talk to me when I wear it.  They are also more flirtatious and talkative than ever before (I made day observations before I sprayed on pheromones to make sure that I did  not just imagine things). The weirdest thing is that some women greet me before I can greet them now when I wear mones. I also find it that women who get multiple exposure to XIST, feel more comfortable around me.  Just be warned that the goal of  XIST is to make interactions more intimate, not sexual and it succeeds in that goal brilliantly.  What worries me more is that my women friends who have boyfriends are starting to flirt with me. I do not want to cheat on anyone, but these pheromones make them feel it justifiable to flirt with me even if they are in a relationship. They never did it, now they do. It really has an effect on women.


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