How She Responds to Human Pheromones

How She Responds to Human Pheromones

If you notice that she started to close the distance and lean towards you more, you’re on the right track. If she looks and acts bored, she’s bored! Do something about it! She’s looking away, no eye contact, scanning the room: She’s not interested… she’s scanning for other guys. Irritation signals, negative nervousness: She’s fidgeting and can’t wait to leave… or it’s that something’s bothering her and she can’t say or do anything about it, she feels trapped. Learn more at and

Sometimes the reason for the irritation can be dealt with; it’s not necessarily because of you. Yawning: She’s bored or disinterested… but could be she’s actually really exhausted. Low tone voice, bored voice: She’s bored or disinterested. Listen to see if her tone changes later in the evening. Positive body language signs: Open arms: As opposed to crossed arms – this means that she’s relaxed and comfortable with you.

It’s a sign that she’s receptive, open, and positive. No arm barriers or object barriers: This is also a sign that she’s open to you, especially when wearing scent pheromones like Pherazone.

Legs crossed towards you, feet or knee pointing towards you: She’s into you! Leaning in: She’s really into you, leaning towards you because she wants to be closer to you.

Pheromone Flirting signals: Flirting signals include when a girl plays with her hair, touches herself, rubs her skin, licks her lips, looks you seductively straight in the eyes, looks at your lips, checks you out from head to toe, touches you, and so on… Any seductive signal or move is usually also a flirting signal with human pheromones. Some girls do them consciously, and some do them unconsciously. It’s a very good sign when you see pheromone signals. If she’s doing them consciously… you’re good to make a move. Eye language and contact: If she’s looking a lot at you, and having lots of eye contact with you, she’s interested. Also, if she’s really into you, you’ll notice that she looks at you with big shiny eyes; happy excited eyes… and her pupils are dilated and big. High pitched excited (fast rhythm) voice: This shows that she’s excited about you. Also, a feminine smooth so voice could mean that she’s interested in you.

Positive Nervousness: She might be fidgeting with some object or with her fingers or tapping her feet… in this case, she’s nervous because she wants to impress you and doesn’t want to do anything wrong. You can hopefully tell the difference between positive or negative nervousness by looking at her facial expressions.

If they look to the right, it means they were recalling them. Top le means they were constructing something visual (an image, a scenario, a color, something that can be seen and visualized), while top right means they were recalling something visual. Eye-level le means they were remembering something auditory (like a sound, voice, conversation, or something they heard), while eye-level right means they were recalling something auditory. Lower le means they were feeling something  or checking or remembering a feeling they felt or that they are currently feeling, whereas lower right means that they’re having an internal dialogue with themselves (wondering or thinking about something, asking themselves about something).

It’s based on pheromone attraction: sometimes when someone is remembering something or telling you something, they visualize it as if it’s there in front of them on an invisible screen in front of their heads, so they actually look at it when speaking. Watch out for the direction that they look at. You can then point to that same direction and drag it elsewhere, let say drag it on to yourself. Here’s an example of how this would work: ask a girl about the qualities she wants in a man, and notice to which direction her eyes look when she answers, then point to that direction and move it towards you or drag it and draw a window around yourself as if she’s looking at you through it and continue the conversation.


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