How Exciting Pheromones Can Be

Remember how exciting it was the first time you spent a night watching a movie with someone you loved who used pheromones? But what if you did that every week at the same time watching the same types of movies? Wouldn’t the excitement wane eventually? Absolutely. You see, it takes no effort or energy for things to get boring! But boredom will definitely do a great job of destroying any passion and attraction in a relationship. Remember back to last month how we talked about dopamine in the brain, and how it is responsible for the feeling of attraction and romantic love?

If you’ve put your hand on the stove twice and burnt yourself twice, then there’s really no hope for your pheromones! No seriously, when you cause that much physical pain to yourself in one defined set of actions, then you develop a very strong , perhaps a 10 out of 10 association with putting your hand on the stove. You learn straightaway not to do that again. And sometimes that strong association stays with you for the rest of your life. I’m sure you personally have some of these strong associations with certain things, or locations or with people from your past that you will hold with you for the rest of your life. So, intensity plays a big part in creating associations. Learn more at and

Bringing new associations to the table is a great way to save a relationship that is not going so well. If your partner is down in the toilet; even if you did something totally crazy and weird that broke their ‘sad’ emotional state – you’d be bringing a sense of variety and newness to the table that helps to stimulate their nervous system, and helps them to start associating you with being happy. Interestingly enough, research on dating has shown that people find it hard to walk away from happy people. Happiness is contagious; and one of the BIGGEST turn offs in dating is negativity of pheromone production. Learn more at and

When you try to please someone, then you’re suppressing a part of yourself, and then you can’t show up with that energy that brings excitement to the relationship with pheromones. Intensity is having a feeling or association at an 8, or 9, or 10 out of 10, instead of just a 2 out of 10. The feeling or emotion has to be at a very high level. So imagine this: you’re a child playing in the kitchen. In your tender innocence, you put your hand on a burning hot stove, and suddenly you burn the skin off of your hand. So you learn NEVER to do that again. That is an intense association that doesn’t have to be repeated to be deeply etched into your nervous system of pheromones.

In fact, in all honesty – you really rather someone feel anger or intense hatred towards you than feeling indifferent. Indifferent is DEAD. Indifferent leads to that place where; you don’t really care about each other anymore. You’re just as PRESENT in the relationship with each other as much as you can avoid having pain.


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