High Value Pheromones

And most people in these countries ARE, in fact, overweight. It takes a lot MORE resources to be skinny or slim. You have to eat healthy, youhave to have access to the cash to buy more natural and healthier, fresh foods. And maybe you even have go to the gym with pheromone attraction.

 Which costs more money. In fact, think about this: what do women in the developed world typically do before their wedding? They lock themselves in the gym and strap themselves to the stepper to burn as many of those nasty calories off as they can. They want to look slim for their wedding. (Quite opposite to those women in the hunter gatherer tribes) So the rules completely turn 180 degrees but the basic principle is still there using natural pheromones. Learn more at http://www.mervinevans.com/my-pheromones-mission/

The basic pheromone principle is that we all look for high value, high status, in whichever shape or form it comes in. We all look to climb that social ladder and become high value and high status. We all look up to people who are already high value and high status. Now, many people resent people who have high status and high value pheromones.

This is partly where our fear of success comes from. We fear becoming better, and building higher value, because the people around us who don’t have as high standards for themselves will fall behind and maybe even stop giving us love. And if you take a look around, many people make statements to try to make themselves feel better when an event, or a person of high value is somehow in their proximity, an sets off their hot buttons (which I call their fear buttons).

Take an example I saw recently, which made me sick. In Australia, footballers are idolized for their playing Australian Rules football. And of course, by association, the media is obsessed with these footballer’s wives and girlfriends. In fact, there’s a term for them, which you may know. They have called them ‘WAGs’ (Wives and Girlfriends).

Recently, the annual awards ceremony was on and one of the most famous footballers’ wives is absolutely stunning. She’s physically beautiful, and she has a great career, and is fit and healthy. J ust two months prior to the annual awards ceremony (which we call the Brownlow medal), she had given birth to a son. And at the ceremony, she had already zipped back in to shape. Of course, I thought she looked stunning and appreciated her poise.

Why You Really Want to Be High Value Pheromones

Here’s exactly why you must be high value and high status in your life… If you are and present yourself as a high value, and high status woman, then men will automatically find you more attractive, even if you didn’t win the genetic lottery, and even if you don’t have any money, or any attractive outfits. You will be asked to go on more dates; have more men desiring your time, attention and company; and more men will ask for your phone number, regardless of whether you’re single, or if you’re in a committed relationship.


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