He was accompanying them with natural pheromones

He was accompanying them with natural pheromones. I opened them, “How's everyone's night going?” They all responded good and we all exited t he elevator. Inside Serano immediately opened a set and the students were watching a pheromone perfume ad featuring Pherazone for women.

 I saw the same 3 set from the elevator and walked over and opened the guy. “Hey man, “Are you from the southern states?” He replied, “Yeah bro, I'm from Tennessee. I saw th at he was watching the college football game on the TV above the bar and put two and two together. He asked, “Where are you from?” I replied, “Alabama.” He screamed, “No!” I laughed because I knew he was referring to both college football teams. He asked, “Did you play?” I replied, “I did but moved on to bigger and better things. I'm now down in San Diego and here often on business.” The two girls with him walked over, he introduced me as, “Girls this is Alabama. What your name bro?” I introduced myself and the blonde was looking at me with a lot of pheromone attraction. Learn more at http://www.getawipe.com/index.php/2016/10/11/using-pheromones-online/ and http://anselandthegreattree.com/2016/06/07/with-more-pheromones/

So quickly I asked, “How do you guys know each other?” He said, “This is my wife (Blonde bombshell) and this is our best friend Maria. She's single bro!” I ignored the last comment, and we all shook h ands and he offered to buy a round of drinks. I was now in set. I told him that I'd get the next round and he declined stating that they had a table and a bottle in the VIP section. We walked into the VIP section and Maria sat next to me and her friend across from us. I said to Maria, “Your friends are pretty cool, how did you guys meet?” She said that her and the blonde had been friends for years and met her husband through her. And went on to become great friends. She asked me where and I told her to guess. She guessed California and guessed wrong, so I gave her a Hi - 5 for the effort. She said that she was a CEO of a company and had over 100 employees. I still asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she replied a chef. Her dream was to own a restaurant because she was a good cook. I told her I'd have to be the judge of that new pheromone spray.

Arash lectured for two hours strong on Inner Game and the Secrets to Attraction, how to open properly and finding fulfillment within the interaction and not the end result. Before departing he went over the schedule and would have his girls come so that the attendees could interact with a beautiful woman because it was much different interacting face to face. Beast took over and we practiced openers. I pretended to be a girl, and the attendee would approach me and I would be very rude to them. The point of the exercise was to help you not be affected by whatever the woman will give you in the field.


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