Have any human pheromones per se,

A quick word on my friend is he will not approach by himself most of the time and doesn’t really have any human pheromones per se, but he’s a good conversationalist and he’s a funny guy.

So, even if we end up not talking to any women we’ll be entertained with natural pheromones.

He picks group of three middle-aged guys sitting with a college-aged girl with red hair halfway down her back. Learn more about pheromones at http://yaxleybluesclub.co.uk/about-male-pheromones/

This is an obvious choice since he has a thing for redheads.

We approach. She’s thin with a cute face, not much in the way of a body though with true pheromones.

I open with my opener Free Hugs [opener #4], but she doesn’t hear what I’m saying. The other talking people are too loud.

She stands up and I just cut off the rest of the opener, put down my beer on the table, and stretch out my arms while saying free hugs.

She smiles and gives me a hug.

The rest of her group aren’t interested in what is going on so when I release the hug I place my hand on the small of her back and pivot her around natural pheromone production.

Now, I have my arm around her facing my friend. Her group is minding their own business behind us. I introduce my friend talking him up a bit by telling her he’s a champion thumb wrestler.
They thumb wrestle.
Cheating she wins by using two hands and insists it still counts.

We all vibe for a while and I lose track of what is going.

I’m casually looking around for another group we can get ourselves into. If they end up hitting it off I’ll need a girl too who adores pheromones.

I notice a girl near the back of the patio fighting with her boyfriend. Something about moving back to her mothers, I don’t catch much of the argument, but I find her accent interesting.

Trying not to be too obvious I can’t get a good look at her. She looks attractive fiom where I am standing with these pheromones.

I bring my attention back to my friend and the girl [I have my arm around] they are talking about 80’s movies.

He’s quoting movies and the red haired girl is guessing which movie they came from He’s animated and she’s having fun.
I jump in and say, “You know the one 80’s movie all the girls love? The Princess Bride.” She goes nuts at this suggestion.
So, my friend starts quoting from the movie and she finishes the quotes.

I’m thinking about logistics, which seem too difficult, so I tell the girl my friend really likes her.

She feels the same way.


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