Guys Who Naturally Use Pheromones

There are plenty of guys out there who are naturally able to drag and pull women toward them like a magnet because there are various aspects of their personality, style, looks, or status due to pheromone attraction. But that’s just the thing. What happens when you’ve pulled them in? If you don’t create desire after that initial attraction has set them on your course, disinterest will set in quickly and they’ll be on their way.

So – what is pheromone desire? To many guys, desire and attraction are synonymous. If we see a beautiful woman, we both desire her and are attracted to her; therefore, it’s hard for us to make a literal distinction. For women, the distinction is very clear. Desire is a feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state of pheromones. Philosophers all the way back to Aristotle have mused about the fundamental cosmic  force that is desire defining it as the impetus for just about everything in this universe. Why? Learn more at

Because desire isn’t just a fleeting attraction, it is a possibility. It is a bodily urge analogous to the desire to feed oneself or to breath oxygen into the lungs. It is a physical need that can only be quenched by obtaining that said desire and even when the desire is obtained, it’s not long before more of the same is needed. We don’t just stop breathing oxygen once we’ve inhaled as a child. We don’t just stop eating the rest of the day after we had breakfast. By definition desire means: “A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen” and it comes from the Latin root “desiderare” which means “to long or to wish”. “ Pheromone attraction doesn’t give our life meaning. Throughout the following chapters, your goal is not to just create attraction. Your goal is to elicit desire within women so much so that they “long” for you and “wish” for you in a way that is far deeper than initial fleeting attraction. You will be the breath they breathe, the food in their stomach, and the unquenchable thing that they must keep coming back to. You will learn how to utilize attraction as a tool to “rope in” women and then use techniques such as body language, verbal virtuosity, and a strong knowledge of female psychology to elicit deep and lasting desire that makes you a man they not only want, but that they need. Now that you understand the role attraction and desire has as well as what their fundamental differences are – let’s get into the female mind.

Desire everywhere want to know how to purposely meet women, create attraction, and generate deep burning desire within them the same way as they would turn on the tap and expect water to come out or flip the light switch and expect the room they’re in to become illuminated. Yet many of these same men do not make any attempt to actually understand the female mind by looking at dating, desire, and biological attraction from the viewpoint of a female. You can’t learn how to lead on the dance floor unless you understand what it’s like to be led. Until you can feel and understand what it’s like on the other end, you will not be able to play your role properly.



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