Give Her a Chance With Pheromones

It gives her a chance to come down and bond with you over feeling superior to the people on this show who are too dumb to even play with their cat pheromones.

AND this is somebody’s job. He’s the Pussy Whisperer! BOOM. If she wasn’t laughing her butt off before now she will be over the absolutely absurd idea of this all. Pheromones are the sceret to boost your natural attraction.

It calls back the bit in the beginning of the story [The Dog Whisperer] and adds a bit of innuendo [pussycat].

[Laughing harder while smiling] “I know, right? I’ll have to watch that.”

In this case she was in total agreement with me, but other times the girl has just completely lost it after the punchline. Learn more at

Next Insight on pheromone users:

You know for the longest time I thought I hated Reality TV, but I think you just have to find the right show. TLC is the king of those other reality shows. Like 2 Headed Girl, and Amish Gone Wild, and that trashy crack-like show Honey Boo Boo.

Even if she knows the name of the show is Breaking Amish rephrasing it as Amish Gone Wild is going to make her think of those late night commercials for Girls Gone Wild and it will create a conflict within her.

The idea of the Amish people as humble and being devoted to simple living is contrasted against wild party girls getting naked.

Calling the conjoined twins show the two-headed girl show calls to mind the point I’m leading her towards natural pheromone attraction.

Yeah. I don’t know what [that show] is really called. I’ve figured it out. It’s like those old- fashioned carnival freak shows. ‘Step right up and see the world’s smallest man! The bearded lady!’ You know. That stuff. They are just on TV now.

This shows you don’t really know what these shows are call and thus see it as a passing curiosity, not must watch television.

By linking the old-fashioned carnival freak shows and reality TV you have just changed how she views that little part of the world.

You’ve let her in on some secret knowledge and it made you more of an authority in her eyes. Remember: If she values insightful guys this will help you gain status.

It also gives you another chance to transport her to a different state of mind by launching into the role of the barking carnival person.

Yeah. Totally. I never thought of that.


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