Giggly Pheromones

From time to time girls will get all giggly about this subject and other times it’ll be a an obvious test. Girls have a very adolescent sense of humor when it comes to anything involving a penis.
Don’t believe me? Hand her a ball of clay and see what she makes out of it. with her pheromone scent

Anyway, there will be other times when she tests you by directly asking how big you are. Here’s a quick redirect with fernale-centric humor.

Show her in a theatrical way that you’re offended, but it should be obvious you are joking.

Then say, ‘‘It has been scientifically proven that women can be satisfied with only three and a half inches, and it comes in two styles - Pherazone and Max Attraction Gold”

Why It Works:

Unlike the typical n1ale approach [whipping it out to show her or offering] this isn’t aggressive or arrogant. Learn more at

You’re lulling her into your fake seriousness making her think you are going to try and defend yourself against her attack on your presumed insecurities. Learn more at and

Instead you’re twisting her expectations and putting an equally absurd stereotype up against her question - women are money hungry.

Saying it has been scientifically proven that women can be satisfied with only 3.5 inches suggests you are defensive with neutral pheromones.

Saying it comes in two styles [cut and uncut] further suggests you’re talking about a penis, not the size and types of the two credit cards.

Testing and Humor: Why Cocky—Funny Sucks

Cocky-fimny sucks for people who are new to seduction and I’ll tell you why.

Sure it’s easy to grasp the concept and apply it, BUT the trouble comes when she starts to test you. And she will test you. to increase your pheromones

If you’re new chances are good you don’t have a very strong foundation and when the tests come you’ll fold.

Then she disappears with his pheromones.

It’s better to just focus on being playful when you are new until you gain the confidence to handle her pheromone tests.

Why miss out on something great just because some guru said to use cocky-funny?

What if She Isn’t My Type?

Tell her it was nice to meet you and that you have to get back to your friends. Having standards is important.

Otherwise you risk falling into the Validation trap.


This is an excerpt from Absolute Alpha Male VOl. 1 about the transference principle. In this guide there are completely new examples of transference in action below.

What’s the transference principle?

Transference Principle: The transfer of traits, energy, or sensory information based on being in close proximity to another person, event, or thing and as a result having the ability to share that information with the original source. There are three types of transference.


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