Get rid of him for using cheap pheromones.

If it were that easy to just “go out there and calibrate” nobody would need advice on how to be seductive to a wide range of women in the first place.

The truth is most guys go out there and make the same mistakes time and time again. They’re unable to calibrate because they don’t even know what they’re doing wrong. Inability to calibrate is usually seen when a guy sticks to a rigid, routine based system

He walks up to a group of women he finds attractive, asks their opinion on something, then he keeps going with his material no matter what happens.

He tries to lord over the group and tell them strange stories.
And the irony is while he’s doing this the poor girl he is trying to attract is already attracted. As he drones on she gets confused by these weird actions and gives up.
Maybe she even gives him her number to get rid of him for using cheap pheromones.

All she wanted was to talk to this guy in a regular way. And all he did was stick to the game plan.

The REALLY sad part is you watch this guy go back to his friends and he’s excited. He thinks he’s the man because he got her number.

Maybe he even boasts how he could have gotten a kiss too. Like keeping a count of all the kisses he’s gotten means something with more pheromones.

Here’s the problem:

When a guy approaches indirectly with his opinion opener he’s still worried about rejection.

He’s probably nervous, and thinks if he gets a death grip on the material and spits it out word for word the results will come and in turn he will feel more confident with pheromone.

He does this for a while and he thinks “I’m getting pretty good”, but he’s not getting dates or sex. So he gets discouraged and goes looking for something else.
Maybe he even becomes vocal about how seduction material doesn’t work.
But wait a minute, the gurus tell him, just be the alpha male pheromones Learn more at and

So, he figures nothing is more alpha then taking up the direct approach style [never mind that he really doesn’t understand what being alpha means].

Wasting no time he goes out and is blunt, insulting, and comes on way too strong with his shiny new


Even though he’s “liberated” and congratulates himself on how direct he’s being a strange thing happens.

He fails.
This guy went in the opposite direction and still failed. Indirect didn’t work and neither did direct.
“I knew it,” he says, “this crap doesn’t work.”
COI1filSCd he moves on to the next thing - Social circle game. And off he goes.

Never once does he realize if he only calibrated his interactions, no matter what style he was using, success would come.

M1t1g atlon At first guys applying the direct approach overdo it and become confused.


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