Get In The Habit of Pheromones

Stop judging others and start asking questions like… “I wonder what they must be going through, or what they must be feeling in order to take that action…?” Be curious and learn about the world, and learn about yourself. What you’ll realize is that this is a journey which will eventually lead you to actualization and fulfillment. Compassion is the key to spiritual growth and spiritual value. Compassion for your MAN – even when he has done everything wrong, will transform your relationship and glue him to you like you would never believe. Most women never have the guts to do this. The second thing I want you to focus on is becoming more generous. Be more giving and get into the habit of giving you more pheromones`. Learn more at and

Life is full of value extractors already, so in order to really stand out, you have to learn to become an outstanding value creator and giver. So… be a fountain, not a drain! Learn ways to give to the people who are closest to you first, and every moment you give, you will realize that your life is becoming richer and richer. Of course, don’t make the mistake of trapping yourself in to being a pleaser. And for certain, watch out for people who sense your giving nature and want to take from you. In my work, often, if I help a woman once, which I do often (even though they have not paid me anything), a lot of times they expect it from me again. Of course, I don’t give it again. If I DID I wouldn’t really be giving to them; because they need to find the answers by themselves too with  natural pheromones. 

And in fact, I wouldn’t really be giving to myself, either. What would be happening is I’d be creating a friendship based upon reliance and that is a transaction. Once someone relies on you for something or starts to EXPECT something from you, what you have is a transaction and the friendship or relationship is no longer authentic. It’s just a trade for real pheromones. Learn more at

Low Value & Low Status Signs… When it comes to being a high value woman, there are signs and cues that men and even other women pick up on that tell them, subconsciously, about your value as a woman in the world. Certain behaviors will give off the impression (to a man), that you are low value. Men pick up on this; and though you may be in a long-term relationship where you know your man already loves you; he’ll simply feel your presence differently in the relationship if you give off the impression of low value; and that you are looking to squeeze something out of him, or to ‘get’ something out of him through your behaviors. So here are the top signs of low value pheromones.

Nagging – women are good at it, and they tend to do it without knowing. If you’re nagging, you’re basically saying: “I don’t have any other ways to get your attention.” “all I know to do is be a pain in the ass, and to ruin your day with my constant droning.” The typical sign of nagging is this: Asking a man to do something for you repeatedly in the exact same manner, and from the exact same emotional place. If a man forgets to do something after you ask, it’s time to get serious. And by ‘get serious’, I mean, learn new ways to remind him or ask him for it. Play with him. Make jokes out of the thing that hasn’t been done.


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