Game of true pheromones

Later that day, it was back to business, and I had a moment with myself in the mirror. I had just taken part in history with the Masters and realized that there was no other greater importance in life but the game of true pheromones.

I had waited my whole life for this moment and science and it was no way that I was going back to being a sheep of pheromone society.  Just telling the story inspired me and I began demonstrating. I opened two women sitting by the bar, “He y girls, is it true what they say? Do drunk I Love You's count?” They responded with laughter and I walked the students through A1, A2, and A3 as they listened and watched nearby. I number closed and demonstrated this 3 separate times, even exchanging cont acts with a lesbian couple who used Pherazone for women. Learn more at

“Man you did it! You blew them away! I am an artist, and will become a master in years to come. This time next year, damn, this time next year.” I was proud of myself, and before I laid my head down that night. I told myself, that I had earned my position in my own world, my own chapter in my life pheromones. It was time once again to head back to San Jose for another 3 - Day Transformation event, but this one would be even more special. Celcius Lounge had moved to a new location, and from the look through the live stream, I was in for a surprise. As the plane flew over the downtown city of San Jose, I looked out my window and said the usual words, “Wel come home away from home.” I grabbed my bags and rental and arrived at the new and improved Celcius. As I walked through the doors, the floors were painted with murals of Egyptian Pharaohs, Alchemy symbols, Horoscope signs, and many more significant paintings. But against the wall, behind where Arash lectured was a painting of two big red roses, in the center wrote, Seductive Instinct and right above it was a big red heart with white horns coming out of both sides of pheromone production according to and

I immediately dropped my bags and took a picture in front of it. I sat down for a few minutes, looking at the room and let it all soak in pheromone oils. The symbols decorating the room were powerful and in that moment, I truly felt alive. I sat in and attended Eugene's program The Brotherhood as he lectured and coached his students in attendance. It was a cool program that provided students a step by step understanding of Attraction, Comfort, and Seduction. He asked me to share a few openers and experiences with the students, some live stream and in attendance. I spoke very slowly and clearly, being very aware of my own speech and tonality of true pheromones. It was truly a work of esthetic art that added a unique flavor to the place.  I had been practicing, since the 3 - day boot camp incident previously. I gave the students great tips on Inner Game, openers, and personal experiences of real pheromones.


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