Four Simple Ways to Approach Women with Pheromones

Four Simple Ways to Approach Women 1. Verbal opener: “Hey I’m INSERT NAME, who are you?” Or any of the above openers. You must have strong vocal tonality with verbal openers and good eye contact. The majority (80/20) of your openers with women will be verbal. 2. Raise your hand up like you’re giving a high five and let her hand meet your hand then close hands. Hold the hands being closed for a few seconds then let go. You must be confident here or it’s awkward. Don’t be too aggressive or this will scare her and do not squeeze too hard. You must commit and own it if you try this. If she doesn’t follow through then revert to the verbal opener and keep going with sex pheromones. Learn more at

If you get butt hurt that she didn’t comply with you it’s over. The benefit if she complies with this is that it’s very clear that you like her and are a fun type of guy. 3. Extend your arm and hand out and reach to grab her hand. She has to participate and meet you half way. You extend your arm and she either follows through or not. You don’t forcefully grab her ever! She either accepts or not when you extend your arm out. If she does accept then you have some compliance from her which usually makes for a more physical interaction, which is really arousing for both of you. 4. Moving Set. If she’s walking, then you’ll probably have to catch up to her with a brisk walk then either come side-by-side or in front of her and say “Hi, excuse me.... (pause... and wait for her to give you her attention) I saw you walking and I had to come by and introduce myself.” That’s it for pheromone users according to and and

Stopping a moving set was a big epiphany for me the first time I did it because I didn’t realize you could just stop a girl who was walking and she’d stop what she was doing and talk to you. Would you get upset if an attractive woman stopped you to talk to you? I sometimes jog or speed walk and get side-by-side with her and also say, “Whoa, excuse me, you’re really (insert compliment) I saw you over there and had to come by and introduce myself.” Then, you want to stand in front of her shoulder-to-shoulder and stop the movement. Fifty percent of the time, she’ll continue walking, so just keep moving and talking with her. It doesn’t mean it’s over and she doesn’t like you if she keeps walking, so just go with it and continue the conversation. Never approach from behind a girl because this will scare her and when a girl is scared she’s not feeling attraction she’s in a defensive state. It’s either side to side or stand in front of her. In time, this will naturally come to you and you can do whatever you want; however, if you’re starting out, you’ll want to stick to these scenarios as they yield really good results with natural pheromones.


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