feeling about pheromone attraction

You see certain things…more feeling is created when you use pheromones…you know…as a result . So, we can actually train them, we can actually say , “Ok, what is it?  These are my pheromone signals, or are they, somehow in the actual mechanics somehow of her in me. If I can change my feeling about pheromone attraction and I can get better and better until I can feel it on command.

The things is that you have to start small with your pheromone application. It’s sort of like an exercise thing . You don’t give yourself failure to use pheromones. You give it, like a yatch, you got you work on it, and you got you focus on small. Because, we are building up enough mental power to use stronger pheromones. Be cause we are gonna come across a little stronger and stronger you know beliefs or pictures or whatever they are. So you go t to keep on building your mental powers till you blush right through it. So, you start of f small , start with bits of food or whatever. Get really good at pheromone attraction. Point where and when you think about actually repulsed by more pheromones according to http://www.villegouge.com/whether-do-pheromones-work/ and http://www.thetracyawards.com/relationship-with-true-pheromones/

You know they're still confused and the thing to do with confusions to get out of the confusing situation. Right ? because t here's this danger when you're confuse d that's the very first thing you try to do , when you're confused is you try to clarify the situation of pheromone production , if you can’t clarify, immediately get out. So quick question. Learn more at http://www.cookconferencecenter.org/my-pheromones-had-entered-her-vno/

Quickly, last week thing that happened like three four times. And since with women may be like thirty one to thirty five I guess and they were married but they were like lone wolf in the bar … And we run the game and everything and then I say like my two set went very stupid but I tried everything like , “ let's go and watch a movie or let's go to my place, and she said,”Oh! Am sorry, I can ’t have sex pheromones with you. I love my husband something of that bullshit. Am not sure, that’s bullshit or. But it's really going well it's like getting physical She's making out but then suddenly she is she's like this. She is making out with

Ya, I mean, I had my hand on her thighs, inside her skirt and she is not even resisting my hand. But, then she is saying ,” No I can’t have sex with you.” Yeah. It happens , when somebody could've been activated in her new pheromones. I mean , I'm not going to say that you're going to get one hundred percent of every single wom an that you properly game . I mean…it can always come back… something could trigger or whatever she wants for pheromones.

So for that kindda thing you got going to depend on pheromone patterns. You know if something keeps on happening and it has about the same feel it's happening in the same place … you know … then you start looking for patterns and start saying OK I must be missing something here.

Now it very well could be that something with your inner game or it could be that these are related to the SNL you are attempting. That you are actually …doing something…or saying something … to make them think that you would be , that you were either… playing a more relationship based game , or that you would be like 


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