Exactly What It Looks Like with Pheromones

That Shows She’s Loyal To YOU and Only Your Pheromones. This is the signal that shows she’s not a cheat…or that she WON’T be a cheat with YOU even if she has in the past Why You Need To Know The reason you need to know this signal is because nothing is worse than taking advantage of an already - hopelessly - devoted woman… And if you can’t see and APPRECIATE  human pheromones that she wants you and only you…she’ll surely move on from wanting you and only you… What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal THAT devotion will wax and wane and make her susceptible to another man seeing and appreciating her… Because women thrive on emotions and feeling needed by their man. We women who don’t feel appreciated specifically for our loyalty are the ones who are MOST LIKELY to become disloyal! (Imagine that) . Learn more at https://ownilive.com/to-use-real-pheromones/ and http://homeradio987.net/index.php/2016/11/20/aggressive-pheromone-fantasies/

Exactly What It Looks Like

This is the girl who takes .0001 seconds to respond to your texts… The girl who’ll skip out on plans because you’re having a rough day and need some company… The girl who surprises you with your favorite band’s concert tickets and the girl who reminds you to call your mother on her birthday! She not only devotes HERSELF to you but devotes herself to KNOWING you inside and out… More importantly, she devotes herself to standing by your side at all costs to PROVE her loyalty without having to consciously tell you that no other man will do. Once you’ve effectively utilized the Trusty Triangle discussed in Module 1 of Speak To Spark Arousal, you’ll almost INSTANTLY start seeing these signs… Because when a woman feels THAT connected to you…she’ll devote herself to the greater cause of the US you’ve created more pheromones.

That Says She’s ACTUALLY More Into You Than She’s Letting On This is the signal that shows she’s either FIGHTING her feelings for you, trying to show you she doesn’t care, or generally just doesn’t want you to know EXACTLY how into you she is It’s also the difference between her ACTUALLY liking you and just being polite.

Why You Need To Know Men are PRAISED for having feelings when they do, whereas women are deemed CRAZY! Nowadays, the modern woman knows to keep her emotions in check. That means not writing anything on Facebook about where she’s going or with whom… …or not telling her friends or family… …or not calling or texting you too often… EVEN making a point to not call or text FIRST!


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