Everyday with Pheromones

Every activity and every single time you spent together using pheromones. Now label all these activities as either an EPA, an ENABA, or neither. So give them all a label. Now if you want to know how your relationship is going, look at the balance of the EPAs compare to the amount of ENABA pheromone cologne. I don’t have to tell you but the more ENABAs you have in your relationship, the quicker it is going downhill. (And there’s so much downhill before you hit something… and when you get some downhill momentum, it’s really going to hurt when you make that impact.) And on the other side of the coin, if there are more EPAs, then you’re relationship is actually going uphill. It’s getting better day by day, week by week. Learn more at http://www.icalor.fr/pro-pheromones-viewpoint/

Plus, the other problem was that her always bitching about her other girlfriends made me not trust her with my own information, y’know? As a woman, I appreciate DETAILS from other women, but if the details are always about how other women are this or that – how one of her friends was annoying her or wouldn’t do this or that for her - I can’t trust the woman as a friend for MYSELF, because she’s not using a things all of us humans have – which is a thing called compassion. She’d rather blame things on others than see things from their point of view of natural pheromones. Now, if you are wondering what that story has to do with intimate relationships: it has everything to do with it. TOO MANY women go to their man with reports of how bad everything is and don’t give him a way to solve it by using more pheromones. Learn more at http://www.one-atr.com/pheromone-dating-sites/ and http://www.hanko9.com/pheromone-copulin-analysis/

This will eventually turn a man off you and make him pull away, stop being romantic and just eventually resent you. Because he wants to make you happy. The HARDER it is to make you happy for a long period or time, the more he will associate negatively with you. It’s only natural to build up this bad association because associations are built subconsciously with human pheromones . It travels underneath our conscious awareness. Now that leads me to the next point. What are bad associations? What kind of associations do we NOT want to build? Well, let’s think about it. What in life do you not want to feel? What do you not want to feel the most in this life? Now I would suggest certain feelings such as guilt, pain, regret, being blamed, and fearful are some of the worst types of feelings you can possible experience.  That’s right, the feeling of being bored. Learn more at http://martinsvillewiki.com/pheromones-desire/

Guess what happens in a relationship when you’re bored? You might start to look for another one. It’s called instant variety and excitement. I’m sure you don’t want to resort to that, or have your partner do that because he is bored in the relationship with you. And really, the only way to prevent it is for you to inject plenty of variety and excitement in your relationship. Think about this for a moment. What do you have to do to feel bored? NOTHING! That’s right, it doesn’t take anything for you to feel bored. Same with your relationship, you don’t have to do anything to be bored in that relationship. It will happen naturally over time if you do the same things again and again.


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