Establish High Value Pheromones

Without pheromones value, people will eventually just get pissed off and irritated by your ego and self-centeredness, and stop associating with you; even if you DO have high social and reproductive value. But you need to have ALL to establish high value of true pheromones.

Remember, every human being has an animal part and a human (spirit) part. Spiritual value is probably the least understood concept amongst all these different types of value. There are so many people in the world who “think” they’re spiritual because they meditate or whatever, but that isn’t true spirituality. There are so many people in the world who try to pretend they’re spiritual, yet back stab other people when they’re not looking, bitch behind other’s backs, and actively sabotage everything around themselves using natural pheromones. Learn more at

And of course, there are tones of people who pay LOTS and LOTS of money to go to very expensive seminars and events that are designed to help them grow and become more spiritual; but they NEVER take any action and make things change. David and I were perplexed by this at first, because we both often like to attend seminars that we find will help us grow and learn even more. And even people we met and made connections with at some of the highest end seminars turned out to be people who were far from spiritual; even years after attending the event. Do you know what we found? We found that most of the people we met there never put the principals to use and what’s more – they were going just to feel good about themselves, or to feel “significant” that they attend events like those with sex pheromones. Learn more at

Because styling usually detracts from the health of your hair. This is why so many women end up with ratty, terrible hair and they cannot grow it even if they try. They are not focusing on the correct thing! Not to mention styling takes away from any hair goals you have in the first place, because styling focuses on looks rather than maintenance. When I decided to grow my hair, I had to sacrifice styling and good looks for a minimum of 2 and a half years in order to get to my goal. This doesn’t mean my hair looked bad. It just meant that some nights out, I pulled it back in a ponytail so I didn’t have to wash it again, even when I knew it’d be prettier out and in curls or something with cheap pheromones. Learn more at

This way, my hair had a chance to really gain health and grow out. 4) Follow all the steps we give you in the 17 Attraction triggers to maintain healthy hair, and to grow it long, if that is what you want. The last thing that I want you to focus on in order to increase your reproductive value is: happiness and health. I was originally just going to say how health is everything, and that if you’re healthy, then you have great reproductive value, but I realized that reproductive health stretches way beyond that.

So what is spiritual value? It’s generosity, it’s compassion, it’s love, it’s the ability to put yourself in other’s shoes and really feel their pain and feel their joy. It’s about taking care of yourself first so that your ego (AKA, your lizard brain) doesn’t pop up and get defensive, jealous and fearful. It’s about knowing that the world is more than just ME, but rather WE. There’s nothing wrong with feeling jealous and fearful at times, too. Remember, we all have different parts to us. Don’t reject your different personalities, and don’t judge yourself for being jealous or anything. Judgments of yourself actually take you further and further away from gaining spiritual value. So how does spiritual value influence and affect your love life of natural pheromones?


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