Entertained With Pheromones

A quick word on my friend is he will not approach by himself most of the time and doesn’t really have any game per se, but he’s a good conversationalist and he’s a furmy guy. So, even if we end up not talking to any women we’ll be entertained pheromones.

He’s a good wingman. Knowing a lot of seduction material isn’t necessary as long as he’s willing to talk to women once we get in the bar. Talking to girls is supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fiin maybe you should change your focus on which pheromones work?

He picks out a group of three middle-aged guys sitting with a college-aged girl who has red hair halfway down her back of true pheromones.

This could have been a difficult approach. Three guys, one girl, and they were seated.

I open with my opener Free Hugs, but she doesn’t hear What I’m saying with the noise from all the other talking people who use pheromones. Learn more at http://cnuli.com/ive-always-liked-a-girl-who-can-use-human-pheromones/ and http://tsabodemenwater.nl/pheromones-work-just-as-strongly/

See I almost botched it. Make sure you articulate and speak loudly enough to be heard.

She stands up and I just cut off the rest of the opener, put down my beer on the table, and stretch out my arms while saying free hugs.

At this point the most important thing to do is to keep the momentum going. What I said was secondary. If I stuck to the rest of the opener I ran a bigger chance of losing her.

She smiles and gives me a hug. I release the hug I place my hand on the small of her back and pivot her around. Now, I have my arm around her facing my friend. Her group is minding their own business behind us with natural pheromnes.

This set a happy emotional state and a comfortable physical state. This is also where calibration is very important.

Normally I wouldn’t have shut out the rest of her group, but I made an educated guess that they were

used to guys talking to the cute girl and ignoring them

If you were to calibrate a similar situation incorrectly it could open you up to aggression you cannot see coming.

Remember: Your safety is more important than talking to some girl you don’t even know.


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