DTF Pheromones

Secret Signal That Says She’s ACTUALLY More Into You Than She’s Letting On This is the signal that shows she’s either FIGHTING her feelings for you, trying to show you she doesn’t care, or generally just doesn’t want you to know EXACTLY how into you she is It’s also the difference between her ACTUALLY liking you and just being polite. Why You Need To Know Men are PRAISED for having feelings when they do, whereas women are deemed CRAZY! Nowadays, the modern woman knows to keep her emotions in check. That means not writing anything on Facebook about where she’s going or with whom… …or not telling her friends or family… …or not calling or texting you too often… EVEN making a point to not call or text FIRST!  Learn more at http://www.cuisine-east.co.uk/?p=304 and http://www.twoofustogether.com/testing-your-natural-pheromones/

Whatever it is, a lot of women nowadays are more reserved when it comes to their feelings for you off the simple fact that getting invested when it’s WAY TOO EASY to move onto the next person is heartache that can easily be avoided The reason YOU need to know is because these are the women who, once shown affection, will triple back what you give in return! These are the ones WAITING for you to unlock the keys to all our carnal desires… BUT we don’t give the keys to JUST ANYONE.. So unless you show you’re worthy of our hearts… What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up on This Signal Simply put these women fade out very easily. They don’t open up very easily and if you don’t show her that YOU’RE the one she can trust in her heart and in her vagina… She’ll quickly move on to avoid finding out that you didn’t even want either after all.

Exactly What It Looks Like These are the girls who won’t call or text first… The ones who coincidentally take JUUUUUST as long as you to reply to texts (almost minute for minute). These are also the girls who will complain and give you a hard time…but the second you show a sign of affection they melt almost instantaneously. In Speak To Spark Arousal, I emphasize the importance of reinforcing the Me + You + Us dynamic to DRAW OUT her true intentions with you… Because when you utilize this tool throughout your interactions, she won’t be ABLE to hide it!

She’s Down To F* ck (DTF) This signifies that she’s horny, willing to jump into bed with you, and/or desperately waiting for you to make a move Why You Need To Know The reason you need to know goes back to the signal about her being willing to do anything… If you don’t take it there…she’ll feel like a slut for being the one to do it… And no woman wants to start off ANY sexual experience feeling shame or even impending rejection! We WAIT for you to make the move…even when we make the move we STILL wait for you to get on board and take the reigns! Simply put…if you don’t strike while the iron’s RED HOT…it’ll get icy cold…and go somewhere else to get struck while it’s sizzling hot! Make sense???? Women generally see it as YOUR duty to make the move…


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