Dimension of natural pheromones

This dimension is concerned with the importance of the group vs. the importance of the individual. I call it the “I vs. We” dimension of natural pheromones.

“I” cultures include the United States and much of Western Europe, where personal achievements are emphasized.

People in this type of culture strive for individual goals and achievements [sometimes at the expense of others]. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.aanza.org/problems-with-pheromones/ and http://www.hareketzamani.net/all-you-can-assume-about-pheromone-attraction/

The self is put above others and is displayed in personality, clothes, music, and through individual tastes.

When in a country with a higher “I” score than your own you cannot depend on the group, you must take initiative of true pheromones.

Differences in behavior and appearance are viewed as a good thing.

“We” cultures such as China, Korea, and Japan, emphasize the group. The extended family and even the company you work for are considered part of their group.

Conformity is expected in the “We” culture, which can be difficult for someone from an “I” culture to understand her greater pheromones.

Being part of the group is something to aspire to with individual goals and achievements benefiting the good of the group.

Family and the common good of the group come before all else.

People from these cultures are taught that rules provide stability, order, and that their obedience to the group is the most important thing.

When in a country with a lower “I” score than your own remember the people will have a strong sense of responsibility for their families and family comes first with cheaper pheromones

You should direct complements toward the group, not the individual as this can cause embarrassment. Seduction Example: In a “We” culture you might calibrate to show how well you fit into her social circle.

Assertive behaviors are also common.
Achievement, wealth and material possession are top priorities.
It’s more acceptable to solve problems with aggression.
Men and Women may not hold equal positions in these cultures.
Your professional life determines your role more so than your family name or contacts. Communication that is direct, concise and less emotional works well in this culture. Personal questions can occasionally be seen as intrusive.
Japan, the USA, Germany, Ireland and Italy are all competitive cultures.


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