Did I send the sexual pheromones discussion?

So, I must act to reality just like, you go direct and even if you say, ”You are cute.” The girls start flipping hair and I think that was an an IOI, which I wasn’t even aware of. I was like, ”oh! She is not interested in you.” Pretty common thing with true pheromones. So, the question is, how will I be better be able to see the reality and not what I believe it to be when using pheromone cologne?

s Similarities and differences will definitely help there but I want to make a point about the pheromones you use.  I wouldn’t worry about them too much , if you are putting sexual statements forward and she is continuing to talk to you and if it’s continuing to engage you can just assume that I O I’s are all over the place . Learn more at http://www.volesvbbc.org/2016/12/17/the-women-are-far-more-attractive-with-pheromones/ and http://www.beramuzik.com/pleasures-of-pheromones/

Most of the time there is one pheromone being used or there are plenty of them … and the girl is like … . She thinks that she's basically laying on the floor with her legs spread. Even though she's just like flipping her hair … for like her it's so obvious. And she like why doesn’t this guy gets in with stronger pheromone sprays.

Can I steal your five sentences, maybe. Cause obviously , what pheromone spray  I am using is not working. Did I send the sexual pheromones discussion? I don’t think so. Ok. So, what I will do is, I will send a sample in an email. I will send a standard sample to everybody who is on the email list. Very simple. (Audio unclear, sounds overlapping) Yeah you know I'm sure you've heard about you know … hearing this .. but you know really really nice lips with her pheromones.

Okay go ahead with your story or whatever she was doing at that point . You’re just throwing it out there and then you know your next one would be something like a little bit stronger than that. Its like, “Has anyone ever told you that you have better life?” I use that because girl have used it on me a couple times . It’s K ind of the line but the biggest point. Sometimes I will tell them, like the next thing, “I didn't even see, it’s kind of funny but you know I didn't even see your face for the first three minutes I was talking to you. About pheromone seduction.

Trying to be very nice something like that. (Audio unclear) … basically you are saying … I was looking at your body … So, those types of things, and then you just , you making like more pleading and more strong . It’s fun doing that, you know, the things that you do with your hair is driving me crazy … am trying to be a good boy an d don’t stop I will have to take you to the corner and do bad boy things to you … (unclear)


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