Desire for Greater Pheromones

So as you naturally walk, focus on exaggerating these two bones (greater trochanter) from side to side as you take steps toward more pheromone usage.

So as you put weight through your right leg, you should feel the right bone moving more towards the right side, and when you bear weight through the left leg, focus on the left greater trochanter jutting out sideways.  The thing for you to focus on is how you dress to give yourself the appearance of a good hip to waist ratio, and how you walk to accentuate it. So the second thing to increase your reproductive value is your hair. Learn more about pheromones at

I don’t know whether you have long hair, medium length hair or even short hair. I don’t discriminate against women who don’t focus on the health or appearance of their hair, but I cannot deny that long, healthy hair is a signal for reproductive health and value in real pheromones according to

 You don’t have to have ridiculously long hair, that’s just overdoing it. You just need to have healthy hair that you make a conscious effort to take care of. Healthy hair that you take pride in is an attraction trigger for men. You can maintain it right in to your old age, and it is a real asset to you. The feminist movement and changes in the roles of men and women over time have encouraged women to have short hair in order to avoid the need for maintenance and of course, to flaunt their pride in ‘not catering to a man’s desires’ for greater pheromones. Learn more at

But, really, if we were honest; one of the reasons this idea came about is because some women felt marginalized by men, and felt ‘less’, and they didn’t feel any hope or have a compelling future, so they thought the only way to deal with it was to cop out and decide it was wrong to cater to a man’s attraction triggers. Well, you know David and I do not believe in catering to anyone’s needs. If you’re catering, you’re already behind – because catering is really just pleasing. It’s inauthentic and it’s worlds apart from truly GIVING. The reason you might want to have healthy hair, or even grow it long naturally, is for YOU. So that YOU can feel attractive and feminine. And when you feel attractive and feminine, the value you have to give to a man suddenly increases TEN FOLD. Learn more at

And think about this for a minute: if a man is very good looking, even, say, a 10 out of 10 good looking, but he holds himself in low esteem and needs you to validate that he looks good enough, or is always asking you if you think other men are better looking than him, how much desire do you have for him? How much intense attraction do you have for him? It doesn't matter how attractive he is to you outside of that moment. You could have plenty of attraction for him otherwise, but for as long as he is acting like that around you, in those moments, desire and sexual attraction goes away. See, you might have a lot of love for him, and you might want to nurture him because it makes you feel good, but ultimately, it doesn't turn you on. You can't desire a man without confidence.


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