Dealing with Pheromone Blockers

Social pressures cause her to come up with some excuse for why she canceled on you. It doesn’t matter if the reason is genuine or an unbelievable lie.

The point is you don’t want to push her away by making her feel guilty or rejected. Just let it go.

Act like you didn’t even remember that was the night you were supposed to go out and change the subject according to

If she makes a habit of flaking, then by all means lose her number.

You’ll be surprised how often you’ll run into her when you’re having fun with other girls and she’ll ask for your number again.

Dealing with Pheromone Blockers:

Blockers, commonly called cock blockers, are other people who attempt to sabotage your efforts. There are three basic ways to deal with these people. You can befriend them, you can assert yourself against their advances, or you can ignore them

Anything and everything can lead to you getting blocked. However, you can lessen it by learning to recognize and deal with the most common blockers.

Top 16 Blockers:

1. The Warden: This type of blocker is a girl’s overly strict father who doesn’t let her date.

Solution: Be respectfiil in his presence, but know that there’s not a whole lot you can do about the situation directly.

You can play up her feelings of doing something wrong and thus enhance the excitement she feels when she’ s with you.

Do this by occasionally calling attention to the fact her father doesn’t want her dating pheromones.

She can have sleepovers at her friend’s house where you two meet up or she can sneak out of her house of pheromones.

The warden isn’t a problem once she moves out of her family home. Usually this guy doesn’t have a lot of seduction skills, but he can bribe her away from you. He’s often rich, but sometimes he’s just another loser guy looking to wreck your pheromone game.

Solution: Not a whole lot you can do here if it happens too early.
If you’ve done a good job of attracting her she won’t leave.
Some guys will lead her on with a counteroffer, but I feel this sets up a bad scenario. Otherwise you make her jealous by going off and having fun with other girls.
3. The Gay Friend: He knows your moves.


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