Dating A Star With Pheromones

These are the pheromone questions that we’re going to look to answer in this issue of Attraction Control Monthly. Now before we start… let me just ask you a quick question. Would Paris Hilton ever have trouble finding a date? No, I’m not kidding, this is a serious question.

 Would she ever have trouble finding a date? Would she ever get to that desperate place of not having anyone…a place that I know many single women in the world get to? Now, I don’t know. Really, I’m not a friend of Paris Hilton’s, so I can only speculate, but my guess is that she will never have trouble finding a date. But here’s the question: why? Why wouldn’t she have trouble finding a date with pheromones? Learn more at

I have absolutely nothing against Paris, but personally I think there are plenty of women out there who are far more beautiful and radiant than Paris Hilton. So really, it’s not her looks. Is it her money? Well we all know that she is rich in money beyond comprehension, but still, there are many women, (and men) out there who have so much money yet they still can’t find a date. I speak to successful, intelligent women who have more than enough money to feed themselves, a man, and a family of 4 children if they wished. Yet, they desperately chase men year after year after year. Yet, I’ve never seen Paris Hilton not able to find a boyfriend. Learn more at and

This was mind boggling to me at first. Here is a woman who clearly has little to no brains, a woman who isn’t that genetically blessed, a woman whose behavior produces a ‘hand-on- mouth’ effect in most of us. And yet, she still maintains high status, and she still has men wanting to know her. Now, as a woman this may seem hard to believe, because I don’t know many women around me who consider themselves classy and high value and look up to Paris Hilton. But, just for a short moment, we really have to look at things through a different lens in order to learn a little something. So bear with us on this. You’ve probably guessed that the secret reason why Paris Hilton will never have trouble finding a date is because she presents herself as a “high value, high status woman”. Now I’m not at all condoning her behavior, especially all the law breaking dangerous acts that she has involved herself in. And also the numerous times I’ve seen her mistreat others, but I really do believe there’s a lesson for us to learn here. Perhaps Miss Hilton isn’t the most compassionate human being on earth, or the most intelligent, or the most elegant, but she is a great example of a woman who holds herself as high value and high status, even when her sex tape leaked all over the internet. Think about it, most women would be totally humiliated if a sex tape of them ends up on the internet, and the last thing these women would do is protect their high value and their high status. I’m not suggesting that Paris Hilton’s actions were ideal or even classy, but she did do a good job of keeping her high status.


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