Concentration of pheromones be aware

When you ask for the concentration of pheromones be aware, be casual and relaxed because it’s not a big deal. Your body language is communicating how you feel and how she feels. Any nervous activity will show up to her that you’re not safe and or low value pheromone cologne.

Now, here’s what I say to get numbers almost every time and it’s been tested thousands of times. It works really well, so you can use it: “Hey, let’s exchange phone numbers real quick.” Say it in a commanding type of voice as if you were talking to an old friend. As you say that, pull your phone out on the add contact screen and put your phone in her hands with sexual pheromones.

You want to be on that contact screen so she can easily grab the phone and add it. Eliminate any friction of her trying to figure out how to use your smartphone. “Let’s” is a “we” statement. And “exchange” is a mutual exchange of value where she gets your number and you get hers. This makes it feel like you’re not taking value from her, but she is also receiving value, as well. The phrase “real quick” and having the phone out increases compliance since human pheromones usually grab whatever you hand them and once it’s in her hands she’s going to just start typing. If you’ve gotten this far in the interaction, this will work about eight out of ten times.

If she seems hesitant, don’t react to that. Just casually say: “You can even put in a fake number and I’ll never know the difference.” This implies the number isn’t that big of a deal and you’re not trying to take value from her. Usually, the girl will just start typing. In the last eight years, I’ve only had two girls actually give me a fake number when I said that. If she is still hesitant to give you her number, then this tells me there is a lack of trust pheromones. Learn more at and

Maybe you were too self-amused and “gamey” and she thought you were funny, but you failed to establish rapport, show interest, listen to her or show her the more authentic calm, and relaxed side of you. If you get denied, then as a last resort, immediately say a ten second elevator pitch so she gets a better idea of who you are and what you want. For example I’ll say something like, “It’s okay, I’m from San Diego, I’m a writer, a podcaster, I love traveling, working out, doing yoga and I read everything I can get my hands on, I listen to Jack Johnson, and believe long walks on the beach are masculine, don’t laugh at me.” Learn more at and

Stay with her at least another minute. All that talk you did shouldn’t be to get the number or else she’ll feel used. You can increase the chances of her responding to your text or phone call if you stay with her for just another minute after you get the number and then bow out gracefully on a high note.


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