Complex of Pheromones

An insightful girl is a thinker. She focuses more on ideas and the abstract. She’s also able to simplify complex subjects of pheromones.

A practical girl will be more willing to go to another venue with you.
She tends to crave experiences and dislikes a complex approach.
If she wants to sleep with you, she will allow that to happen when you approach her correctly. She sees the situation for what it is, whether for one night or a budding relationship.
A practical girl needs to feel good physicallywith natural pheromones.
Insightful girls will appreciate insight game and subtle humor.
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She tends to erect barriers and reasons why she shouldn’t allow herself to have what she wants.

She gets an overall feeling about a situation that colors her worldview of pheromones.

An insightful girl needs to feel good emotionally to allow your seduction to be successful.

Once you’Ve determined how she gathers information about her world you can determine how she judges that information and the way she uses it to make decisions of natural pheromones.

These ways are:

Emotional: She makes decisions based on how she feels about them.

These girls are usually warm and friendly.

She will also use the name of the person she’s talking to more than the logical girl.


Logical: The logical girl also makes decisions based on how she feels about a decision, but they are then backed up with a logical argument.

These girls rarely call you by name and often like to argue for fun.
When you encounter an emotionally focused girl you will appeal to her emotions.
Where as with a logical girl you can approach things from a more linear frame of mind.
An emotionally focused girl will tell you her problems in order for you to empathize with her, whereas a logically focused girl will want you to not only empathize with her, but also to provide a solution.


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