Come for more pheromones to spray

Men have looked away from themselves and at things so long that they have come for more pheromones to spray.

They measure their esteem of each other by what each has, and not by what each is.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson You are the golden prize. You are enough. You love yourself. You will not accept second class behavior from anyone or you will simply walk away. You need to have a value system of true pheromones. Having a value system makes your life better. Your values are what are most important to you. Every time you open your mouth, you are giving a woman the opportunity to experience your value system and unique set of life experiences. You offer things unique only to you, so let your light shine onto others like a best picture movie. How could someone not appreciate someone who is offering value all the time with sex pheromones?

If you follow your unique set of values and you live and breathe them in every interaction with people, then you will attract those who have those same values. By being a living billboard of yourself, you attract the right relationships into your life. The people who don’t agree with your values will be repelled and those who agree will come closer to you to greater pheromones. Learn more at and

Most guys assume they’re going to be rejected unless they prove to a woman that they are of value. They think they have to go in and offer value and show her they’re a cool guy before she rejects him.   You stand your ground and casually walk around, looking for anything that peaks your interest. If you don’t see something right away, it’s not a big deal because you know there are ten others dealerships around the corner. You aren’t afraid to walk away because you know there is an abundance of options for you to choose from more. Learn more at and

Beautiful women are in abundance if you are just looking for the right one who meets your unique set of values. When you find her, she will rock your world. You’re not supposed to get every girl. All you need is one girl. The moment you realize this is when you are free in the dating world of sex pheromones.

No matter who you are or how much money you have, you are not supposed to have a connection with every girl you meet; you’re simply looking for the right girl to have a connection with. Once you understand your values and how you have an infinite amount of value to offer a woman as The Grounded Man, women will notice and crave for your attention because the girls recognize this value and desperately want more of it since it is scarce. As you embrace who you are and what you value more and more, you will learn you are saying and doing less and less in your interactions with womens pheromones.

 Your attraction will come from your behaviors, how you express yourself, and your boundaries versus what kind of witty line you can say to keep her interested. Let the girl experience you by being grounded and drawing her into your world.


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