not trusting herself with your new pheromones.

Calibration: Figure out if she’s uncomfortable or simply not trusting herself with your new pheromones.

If she doesn’t trust herself she will seem like she is overdoing it. Almost like she’s expending a lot of energy to keep herself from being receptive to your pheromone advances.

In this case show her that other women find you attractive. Her desire to win will be greater than her desire for self-restraint.

The untrusting type will only provide you with one-word answers whereas the uncomfortable girl will ask questions.

Don’t tease her or be coy with your answers.

Instead let her play 20 questions until she reaches a point where she can say, “I know him,” to herself and becomes comfortable.

This type of girl is usually met with guys attempting cocky and funny humor only to find it discourages her. Learn more about pheromones at and

She has already decided she wants to go home with you IF she feels she knows enough about you to become comfortable.

Calibration by Pheromones

Nothing irritates me more then people who tell me, “People are people; they’re all the same.”

Not true.

Everyone is slightly different and one of the most important ways this can be seen is by the culture of people in different geographic locations.

People in Kansas are different than people living in Seattle, as they are both different from people living in New York City.

Thanks to the homogenization of the United States if you are able to seduce women in one location

you’re able to find women in almost any other location that are similar enough to be receptive to your charms.

However, if you want to be able to go anywhere and be highly successful you’ll need to learn how to calibrate for location and culture.

The inability to calibrate for location is seen when a guru claims it’s harder to game in a certain location of pheromone stores

According to one pheromone attraction guru many of the other gurus got shut down in Southern Florida.

I found seduction in South Beach to be easy [because I knew to calibrate for the area, which is money and status focused].

Quick Tip: Nothing can take the place of actually living in an area, but if you find yourself headed to

one of these areas the following calibration section can make the difference between having a good time and consistently failing.


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