Boyfriend Pheromones

Good news about pheromones!
You can immunize yourself against them
What about guys that are better looking or have more money than you have?
Yep, you can inoculate against them too.
And finally you can use inoculation against yourself when a girl cancels a date on you. Sure, it sucks, but it happens to the best of us from time to time.

Don’t be your own worst enemy by setting the wrong tone.

Boyfriend Pheromones:

This one is easy enough assuming her boyfriend is on the way out.
Early in the conversation if she brings up her boyfriend it’s because you’ve shown too much interest, too quickly, or she’s warning you and anything that happens from here on out isn’t her fault because she told you about having a boyfriend.
Woman’s logic, you’ve got to love it.
Generally you just ignore her the first time when she brings up the boyfriend.
If she keeps bringing up the boyfriend it shows she’s conflicted or in a good relationship.

Assuming she’s conflicted it with your natural pheromones.

So, what do you do to get the girl who’s hanging on to her boyfriend?
You point out how much of a nice guy he sounds like. Girls aren’t attracted to the nice guy. Then you highlight your strengths that are in line with what she desires in a man who adores human pheromones according to

For example if she hates that her boyfriend is too judgmental you convey that you aren’t judgmental.

Negative Friend Inoculation:

Negative friends are the worst.

Below I’ve listed several variations of the friend who gets in the way, but here I want to give you an example of the friend who isn’t vindictive, just misguided pheromone usage.

She’s the intelligent, prudish girl who thinks everyone should live the sort of life she lives.

Typically she’s the plain or slightly above average looking girl who’s developed other areas of her personality due to her lack of looks, but for all the good it did her she is still narrow minded.


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