Blown Away With Pheromones!

He was blown away by my pheromones! We left Hollywood Blvd and arrived at a bikini bar off of Sunset Blvd. We got a bottle and table and women began to gravitate to us. I was very familiar with hired guns, dancers and fake IOI's, so it was clear that initially they would appease to get tips on how much pheromone spray to use. Learn more at

We made it very clearly that we were winning by popping bottles, enjoying ourselves and there to celebrate. Clearly we were not customers in the venue. He then said, “I know you're working, and we're here celebrating more pheromones. I saw you by the bar sitting by yourself and you're welcome to have a drink with us. But at any time you need to go make money, go make money, but you're welcome to hang out with us for a little bit.” She was a pretty hot girl. Again, I knew false IOIs and fake Kino, but her body language displayed that she was not there for tips. She was very comfortable and invested time while interacting with pheromone production. The Dj, called her name and it was time for her to take the stage. As soon as she left, a second girl came over and sat to his right.

Arash said to her, “Sit on this side of me. She sat to his left and demonstrated compliance. She was a cute girl, with a bubbly personality. Again, from the girl’s body language, it was clear to me that she was very comfortable and was not there for tips. She was Kino escalating Arash and should have probably tipped him. The DJ called her name and she left to take the stage. A few minutes passed, and Girl #3 walked over, a smoking hot Columbian with curly hair and banging body. This girls had curves like crazy. She too sat to his right, and he told her to sit to his left. She complied as well. Girl #3 had a lot of energy and was clearly having a blast in his company. She began pouring everyone shots, dancing. Learn more at

I said to him, “No disrespect if she is your wife.” He replied, “No she's my cousin.” Game was on. As the guy was taking the picture, Arash walked over and secretly began filming the entire interaction while also handling him as the obstacle as well. Great strategy! While we took pictures, Arash said, “Have her send you the pics.” I told her that we were headed to a movie premiere and later to a friend’s mansion party in the Hills. They were welcome to come. She said that she couldn't due to the kids, but she would send me the pic and we'd keep in touch with pheromone users according to and

She said ok. As soon as she left, Girl #4 showed up, who too was also pretty damn hot! She sat to his right, he told her to sit to his left and she too complied. She was having a great time, and just like the others, her body language also displayed comfort and investment in Arash. Roughly fifteen minutes passed, and out of nowhere Girl #3 returned. I was talking to the set at the table next to us, when I heard a woman shout over the loud music.


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