Attracting women with her pheromones

What good is it to entertain a bunch of party girls, doing their best ADHD impressions, only to go home alone?

Speaking of stand-up comedians, they share some similarities to the seducer, but there’s one big point of departure - the type of humor used.

A lot of comedians come from a point of current or past insecurity and use jokes as a way to make themselves important. Learn more at

This manifests in their use of self-deprecating humor. Putting yourself down for a laugh isn’t sexy.

Again, the point of all this isn’t to become an entertainer or to give you free therapy, it’s to become skilled at attracting women with her pheromones.

So, if self-deprecating humor isn’t seductive what other types of humor should you avoid? Avoid racial humor and cliche humor. Groan worthy humor is bad because she’s heard it all before.

Girls with last names that lend themselves to literal humor or first names that are common names from well-known songs are the biggest offenders.

Using cliche humor instantly puts you in her mental category of all the other losers she has met before. with cheaper pheromones

Another type of humor that isn’t sexy is highbrow humor used in a relaxed setting. Dennis Miller does a lot of this type of pheromone oil.

Sometimes this stuff can be really fiinny, but when you’re in a bar or just out and about it’s too

sophisticated to be worth your time. She shouldn’t have to think too much to grasp your jokes. So, what are a few types of successful humor?

Double Entendres: Easily grasped double entendres that aren’t too obvious. When an entendre is too obvious it’s bad for you to use, but if she attempts to use it you can tease her [when you’ve fallen into a conversation that uses double entendres to gain rapport].

Callback Humor: This is an old standby. Callback humor is a humorous bit of information that you share with the girl and it’s repeatedly brought back into the conversation.

The callback usually works as a tease as well. The reason this type of humor works so well is because it strengthens your growing bond with her and it’s based on something amusing you share.

Callback Linking: An interesting use for callback humor is linking it to a song title or the lyrics of a band she enjoys real pheromones.

For example I have a friend who I share a bit of callback humor with and I linked it to a song title. When we first met she impressed me with her strength and she sought admiration for it. Mostly it was her mental strength, but in this case it was a display of physical strength.

So I said, “Ooo, you’re a beast!” This was a tease with the word “beast” referring to her display of strength.


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