Are you looking for pheromone solutions?

Are you looking for pheromone solutions? So what happens? Well the necessary conditions … are actually…there are actually assumptions behind them with cheaper pheromones. And by ferreting out the assumptions of each of those supposed necessary conditions you can discover what to challenge and then bust that human pheromone constraint.

So what I'm trying to do is just give you guys a overview of how I develop a lot of these things. So that you can do it as well and you can do it in any area … if you want to. So you know alpha male pheromone is another one of those things that people say , “Yes, you got to be alpha, be alpha do this.” and they have certain things like well take up a lot of space. Learn more at and

Don't let anybody give you any shit. You know a lot of this stuff on why pheromones work … you know if you did some of it maybe you feel a little bit better, or maybe you feel little bit alpha.

 But I thin k for the most part most people’s idea of using an alpha male pheromone is just being an asshole which is definitely not right. A real alpha pheromone somebody is generally right. Doesn't mean that everybody is pleased with everything that he does because any time you're making hard decisions or were acting on large scale there will still be people who disagree with your cheap pheromones.

So yo u know you have to go and define what is Alpha like ? How w ould you know if you saw it ? W hat ’s the goal behind true pheromones? And then and then that's how I came up with the alpha male idea which is you have the ideal scene and you are su pplying a lot of action to it. That's that's another thing about leadership. Another good thing that you could define is responsibility of pheromone users. Learn more at

Most people say responsibility is … the y talk about in terms of taking responsibility like something bad happens , “ oh I'm responsible ”, you know it shouldn’t have happened ! And I shouldn’t allow that to happen. ” Like there is a FAA guy and his controllers fell asleep and h e is taking responsibility, so what does he do? He resigns. That’s not really taking responsibility, that’s guilt… that’s something else, I don’t know what it is.

 Responsibility means that you're committed to making something happen in the future. It Doesn't have anything to do with the past but everybody's so confused about these things because they never take the time to actually ask what is it and how do they plan and so forth. So if you're going to take responsibility for paying for your life for this area of relationships what you're doing is you're saying I'm committed to creating something in the future. There's a down Slayer board on the Internet. And I'll pop in every now and then we have a bunch of people , that you can go on t he boar ds and you know those finished stuff(??) and you know tell me stuff about what's going on and stuff like that and I kind of popped in and there's a guy that was really really lamenting about his idea that there were no really worthy womens pheromones.


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