Apply more pheromone cologne

Another strange thing the boyfriend is doing [as his insecurities start to surface] is he goes fiom holding her hand to rubbing his hand up and down the top of her thigh. Not sure why. He’ s just helping me out with cheaper pheromones.

But when he makes the nose crack I look at her. Then I look at his hand on her leg and she brushes it away.

I look back at her with a slight smile.
It’s on.
I tell my friend he should go buy us a pitcher of beer. He refuses.
I almost push the point of him getting the first round, but I have a better idea.
Logistics are really screwed up for this one.
So, I go all or nothing.
I say, “Fine, I’ll get the first round.” Then to her I say, “Come on. Help me carry the bottle of pheromones.”

She follows me and my friend is left to talk to the guy, but he’s starting to get to the point even though he’s a little out of it.

We go inside and she heads over to stand in line. Whatever sporting event people were watching is over so there’s only half the number of people inside now with stronger pheromone production.

I take her hand and pull her toward my body. “Come here, I have something I want to ask you.” Iwant her give me her number, but instead I kiss her. We are near the bathroom so we go in and as luck would have nobody is using it at the moment. to boost his pheromones. learn more at and and

The bathroom is divided into a small sink area and a second area with two stalls. Unfortunately there isn’t a lock on the door so we just stay in the entryway.

I push her up against the wall and we make out. Then we change positions and I walk her backwards until we ran into the sink.

Pants start coming undone as I focus on her neck. Is there a woman out there that the ear-neck-collarbone area isn’t a major spot? Anyway, she asks if I have anything. I do. I flip her around and she backs into me.

All the while I am holding one hand on the door to keep anyone from coming in and try to avoid the weirdness of staring at my own reflection in the mirror and apply more pheromone cologne.

Ten minutes later we’re back outside without any beer. I say, “The line was long and we didn’t feel like waiting anymore.” So, everything seems cool, but she keeps looking at her boyfriend.

Probably trying to see if he knows anything is up. I tell him it’s okay, that I can see that I’m making him nervous, and that maybe they should just go. He takes the out.

My friend and I talk to some more people throughout the night. I lose track of him and ask a cute twenty something bartender with curly hair [that reminds me of a poodle] if she has seen him.

It’s about closing time and I didn’t want to leave without my friend. She gives me a hard time by saying she saw me go into the bathroom with the athletic Kiwi and how she could’ve had me thrown out.

I ignore her comment and ask her what she thought. She says she thinks the girl is cute.
I say, “I don’t know, she has a boyfriend...I should probably leave that alone.”
At this point she stops wiping down the bar and comes out from behind it to talk to me some more. She’ s interested.
She tells me how she’s just doing this for some extra money while going to a local college.
I forget most of she talked about and I didn’t take her number, but I probably should have. Oh well.

She says my friend is probably outside. I go out and find him talking to another one of the bartenders and a few of the guys she keeps as orbiters.


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