Am I taking enough pheromones?

If you’re not happy with the progress you’re making with women, then you have to really ask yourself, “Am I taking enough pheromones?” You need to be going out a minimum of two times per week; preferably three to five times per week. If you cannot commit to twice per week, then you’re not going to get the full benefits of this program and you will be frustrated 6 months from now.

It is highly recommended that you go out at least twice per week to see any type of significant results in addition to interacting with women during the day as you go about your daily life (grocery store, coffee shop, malls). If you’re worried about what other people think about you when you take action, then this shows a bigger problem in your life that you really need to stop caring about what other people think about you. The opinions of others will mean less and less to you the more you go out and meet people. Especially as you start to get more results and you become the rare breed of man who is taking action and moving toward what he wants in life with better pheromones. Learn more at and

 Don’t view rejection from a woman as something negative. It’s a learning experience. Failure is only feedback of what not to do and what you can correct or work on. The more action you take, the more feedback you get. In time, you’ll start seeing rejection less and less. Never be hard on yourself. Learn from negative feedback, but go easy on yourself here. Putting yourself out there and meeting new women is going to take some time and the only thing I want you to get really good at when you're starting out is the act of always taking action, leading, and having fun. The more action you take, the less each rejection will really matter in the long run using pheromone production. Learn more at and

The day will come when you have the woman of your dreams at your side; so let me ask you, will those past rejections really matter to you five years from now? You have to commit right now that you’re going to start taking action. When you see a girl you like, go plant your feet right in front of her and talk to her. You will not let any opportunities go right past you because of fear. You can’t rationalize that you’re working on other areas of your life before you can start interacting with girls and taking action. For example, like working on your business, health, or finding your true purpose in life, or trying to become more present, all of this is an excuse to do what you know you really want. Stop avoiding what you really want in life with bull shit excuses! The woman of your dreams has walked past you many times and you let her slip through your fingers because you didn’t have the courage to take action. Stop that! You are enough right now in this moment to get started with this. The more you go out, the more you learn, and the better you become at meeting new women and bringing them into your life. The less you go out, the less you will learn and the less prepared you will be when you see or meet the woman of your dreams.


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