Adding Value With Pheromones

The immediate goal is to add value through text. When it reaches a high level where you feel she would say yes to meeting up, then simply do it. If she rejects you’re attempt to set up the date, then quickly act like it didn’t happen and return to adding more value through stronger pheromone attraction. Do not get logical, argue or say anything negative after she rejects your attempt. It simply means that you have not added enough value and established enough comfort with her yet to get her to meet up with you. Let’s learn how to add value through pheromones now. 1. Flirting: callback humor from the interaction, memes, gifs, pictures, creating a nickname for her, authenticity. Always think, “is this text adding value or taking it away?” 2. Callback humor: You’re referencing something in the interaction you had with the girl. Did she mention she’s from Los Angeles, does she like to travel, does she like movies, and is her favorite food Mexican? Also refer back to the seeds you planted in the interaction of true pheormones.

Responses to something you seeded are always much higher than anything else. It shows you listened and valued that conversation with her. Most guys don’t do this. Always take mental notes of those things when you’re in a conversation. 3. Nicknames: these are good and are basically a form of callback humor. Only use this if it’s funny for both parties and it’s something that was brought up in the conversation on sex pheromones. Learn more at and

Coming out of left field with a nickname may be interpreted as an insult via text. Reduce the friction. 4. Memes & GIFs: memes are those funny pictures with quotes and gifs are basically short clips of something funny found online. I keep about ten memes and a few funny gifs on my phone and use them when necessary. They’re kind of like secret weapons that evoke a very high emotional response from the women. Do not use them all the time; however, as this just shows as try hard. 5. Pictures: I will sometimes send pictures of something I cooked or where I’m at. I’ll only use this to establish more rapport with the girl and show her what my world is like. It establishes trust between you and her. I’m not in the photos on human pheromones. Learn more at and

If she’s asking what are you doing and I’m cooking instead of saying that, I’ll send her a pic of the meal. She doesn’t want to feel like you’re a pick up guy she wants to know that you’re a real guy. 6. Authenticity: If a girl is hesitant to see you, then she needs more trust and authenticity. If you come back with too much humor, then she doesn’t view you as a Grounded Man. Humor is very important, but too much of it and it’s hard to connect with someone like that. So, the pictures come in handy here. Often I’ll say, “Add me on Facebook or Instagram.” (I’m not big of Instagram, which is more casual, so I use Facebook more.) Sometimes just her looking at your social profile will make her feel more comfortable with you. Yet, do not transition to messaging on social media as that would be a downgrade. Continue talking through personal texts. If your social profile is lacking in pictures and you don’t have much going on, then do not do this because it may reduce your value.


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