a Second Chance With Pheromones

Pheromones can help in your relationship. You know that you can distract yourself from unhelpful emotions through engaging in a pleasurable activity.  You know that winning back the love of your ex will not bring back the old relationship.

Rather, it will create a NEW one.  You know that you can help yourself bid goodbye to your old relationship through an “ending ritual.”  You know that you can regain your personal power by updating your style, starting an exercise program, or learning something new with the power of pheromones.  You know that your sense of personal power will make you look, act, and feel even more desirable than ever.  You know that the more you challenge yourself right now to work on improving yourself and doing what you love, the more impressed everyone is going to be with the way you’re handling the situation (including your ex!). Now that you’ve got your emotions under control, in Step 2 I’m going to ask you to look at your relationship with your ex from a more objective point of view. You HAVE to understand what was going on in your old relationship BEFORE you can create a new relationship with your ex that truly work and last for natural pheromone production. Learn more at http://mpommett79.hatenablog.com/entry/2015/08/28/114911 and http://www.fobmarketing.eu/trying-out-all-the-new-pheromones/

5 Reasons Why Not Forgiving Will Sabotage a Second Chance With Pheromones

I know that I have to face my ex’s concerns about our past relationship squarely and talk about what we’re going to do to resolve them in the future.  I know that the way I handle talking about the breakup is crucial, because it will determine whether or not there’s enough love to form a new relationship on the signals of human pheromones.  I know that dating my ex will remind us both of all the reasons we wanted to be together in the first place.  I know that I can’t afford to get jealous or possessive if my ex is with someone else. I know that I have to say nothing, refuse to personally engage, and take their rebound relationship in stride.  I know that my ex dating someone new will have the advantage of showing them how special OUR relationship was in the most convincing way possible.  I know that I have to pick a time and place for our first conversation about the breakup carefully.  I know that the only way we can resolve the conflicts that led to our breakup is to face them, NOT avoid them or sweep them under the carpet.  I know that trying to beat my partner in an argument will just convince them that we need to stay separated ith your pheromone cologne. Learn more at http://www.sylvainn.com/the-dark-pheromone-concentration/ and http://www.translatorplanet.com/confidence-and-pheromones/

I know that truly LISTENING to my ex matters more right now than being “right” or proving to them that I’m right.  I know that trying to get back together at all costs, even at the expense of making my ex feel guilty or ashamed for not giving in, will do more harm than good.  I know that my ex wants more than promises: they want to see that things will really change if we get back together.  I know that what I say matters less than how I say it and what I do about it.  I know that my ex has a different, equally valid perspective on the relationship to mine, which is why I need to try to understand where they’re coming from RATHER than trying to make them believe exactly what I do.


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