a long story about how pheromones work

So, why would you want go from a solid opening and mutual attraction only to bring things to a grinding halt with a long story about how pheromones work?

Why would you want to make things harder on yourself?
As time creeps on anticipation builds.
Your audience becomes more and more enraptured.
BUT as the anticipation builds so does the need for that big payoff at the end. Mess up anywhere in between and you run the risk of boring her.
Girls these days have ADHD in the bars.
Having an ending that doesn’t live up to expectations and you’ve lost her. Come across as braggart and you never had her. Learn how to give her sexual pleasure.

There are many potential pitfalls.

So, while you prattle on and on with your “amazing” [attractive lifestyle] story another guy is looking for her emerging boredom. Learn more about pheromones at http://www.landscapedecking.co.uk/pheromone-willpower/ and http://www.wiiuactu.fr/sex-pheromones-matter/

One crack in your storytelling ability and it’s time for that other guy to approach.
He Will say: “Can you believe this guy? No? Me neither. Come on, let’s get out of here.” BOOM.
Two of your captivated audience walks off in the middle of your story.
Your social proof plummets.
Some random guy just ruined all your hard work.
Sorry. You don’t have talent. Get off the stage.
So if stories aren’t the way to go what’s the answer?
Insight game.

It’s more flexible and universal.

Insight Game into Pheromone Usage

Making her see things in a new way makes you more interesting and as a result she will admire you. Stories can seem like bragging or simply trivialities. At best stories are fun and humorous. Insight game is different with greater pheromones. Learn more at http://www.mountainlakeswv.org/mountain-activities/pheromone-motivation/

It’s similar to telling her a riddle, but unlike a riddle you only ask her to think about the problem, acknowledge the witticism, and then you provide the answer.

You aren’t asking her to make the insight so it takes off all the pressure a riddle would put on her. At the most basic level of insight game you have the Remote Associates Test.

Martha Mednick created the test in the l960’s to test creativity. In this quiz, your girl must think of a word that connects three, seemingly unrelated, words.

For example: Falling, Actor, Dust. Answer: Star

0 Falling star 0 Stardust o Anactor

For our purposes this might make a fun little game if she enjoys word problems or game shows, but it is too taxing for a night out.

What we want is the insight to be linked to you thereby increasing your attractiveness to her without too much effort on her part.

Winners adapt.


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