100% Sure With Pheromones

You’re 100% sure he still wants to be with you, and to show you, he calls you every second day, asking you how you are and telling you he thinks you two could work it out somehow. You resist, and he tries to ‘talk you in to’ staying together. Why nor, right? Because you guys both love each other with human pheromones.

Thing 2… You’re 100% sure he still wants to be with you, and to show you, instead of calling you and trying to talk to in to being together, he shows up at your door one night, after a couple of weeks of being apart (and at a time where you’re still missing him but not missing the “effort” and pain associated with being together with him) – he shows up at your door, and rings the doorbell. You open the door, totally not expecting it to be him. You look at him, feeling perplexed and confused. And he’s standing there, looking you intensely in the eyes, and says with a strength that you can feel instantly in your body – “I don’t care what problems we have – and I don’t care how much we have to go through to fix them. I want you, and you’re never getting away, I will take care of you forever.” Now, this time my question is not which one would you prefer human pheromones. Learn more at http://www.qrstuv.net/who-loves-the-power-of-human-pheromones/ and http://www.zaretviolins.net/exceptional-to-pheromones/

Because, really, sometimes, when you break up with someone you really don’t feel like getting back together again. My question this time is – what would the two scenarios make you feel? How would they make you feel? In scenario 1, you do know that he’s still there for you. And in scenario 2, you also know he is still there for you. So which scenario would make you feel more attraction and passion towards a man? Learn more at http://www.one-atr.com/i-remember-doing-a-lot-with-my-pheromone-perfume/ and http://www.villegouge.com/i-also-switched-from-using-max-attraction-gold-to-pherazone-pheromones/

The pheromones scenario would more likely make you feel alive and hopeful? The second scenario, of course. But why is this? I mean, you’re in a relationship where you keep hurting each other, and it feels like you can’t stop hurting each other – but why would you feel passion and attraction for this man you just broke up with in response to what he does scenario 2 but not in response to what he does in scenario 1?

It’s because, TECHNICALLY he is still there for you in both situations. And you still love each other, in both situations. The difference is that in the second scenario, this man is showing up and being THERE for you in a way that creates POLARITY. This thing we call polarity is the opposite energies of masculine/feminine, and polarity is responsible for that gut level attraction that you feel for this man who loves pheromones.

The actual meaning of polarity is: the presence of two opposite or contrasting tendencies; the positive or negative state in which a body reacts to a magnetic, electric or other field. So sexual polarity is the term used for the physical chemistry and the magnetic pull – the overwhelming physical response we feel when we meet someone with an opposite pheromones to ours.


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