Your Pheromones Estimation

I’ll estimate that this is just going to put her in a worse mood 90% of the time. I’ve already covered the phenomenon that we men are tinkerers and are naturally inclined to fix and take action, where women are more inclined to simply express their displeasure with a situation and take less pheromone oils.

But now I want to focus on one thing – even if she seems to be asking for your help, and wanting actionable steps to fix the problem she’s talking about… she might not actually want to take action. She might just be asking for validation and to be heard, so you should temper your annoyance if she appears to ignore your advice on how pheromones work. Learn more at and

Therefore, regardless if she’s ranting and raving (where you can just nod and “Uh huh…” your way through the conversation), or actually seems to be asking for actionable advice (which you should obviously give), the effect and intent might be the same.

Don’t be annoyed if she simply ignores you and it seems like she had no intention of actually taking action. Both ways are just methods she can use to seek validation for her issue. And that’s fine with your pheromones.

This is frustrating because we are natural tinkerers and problem solvers, and we relish the opportunity to help the woman in our lives. We take pride in it and feel much closer to them for more pheromones.

But if they just disagree with you, or their intent in asking them was simply to validate their own beliefs (which might be wrong or right) then there is nothing more infuriating than having someone ignore advice they asked for.

It makes us feel stupid, unheard, inadequate, and will lower our self-esteem about the relationship – especially if they act on the words and advice of someone else, another man especially.

But to temper expectations, simply be aware that her intent might not be to actually take action, and you will be less hurt if she doesn’t trust in your pheromones. People work hard to perceive themselves in certain lights, whether true or not, and they will work hard to defend those perceptions. If you challenge it, you will likely receive a strong backlash. Core beliefs are an integral part of us all.

So what does your woman pride herself on, and otherwise make her identity? If you attack, undermine, or even slyly make sarcastic remarks about them, she will definitely take notice.

She may not say anything or act out at that moment, but her levels of defensiveness will build inside. This goes the same if you attack traits and indicators of her femininity. You will unwittingly emasculate her, and now in addition to being defensiveness, she will feel inadequate for you.

It’s also important to ask yourself why you’re doing it in the first place. It’s probably just to get a rise, isn’t it, which is neither nice, wise, nor productive.


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